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Ryuichi Oura (大浦龍宇一)

Road to Remarriage

再婚一直線   결혼 일직선   再婚一直線

30 min. x 45 eps.|45 episodes

Nodoka Kuribayashi, is a struggling cartoonist. Excusing herself for being busy with her work, she lets her husband, Tetsuya, be responsible for everything from housekeeping to child care. Tetsuya, who reaches the point where he can no longer take it, presents Nodoka with divorce papers. She then goes through homemaking training to get married again! Will she be able to improve herself as a woman and remarry?

Love & Hate

貞操問答   정조에 대한 문답   貞操問答

30 min. x 45 eps.|45 episodes

The word “chastity” has grown archaic today, but in the 1920s it greatly influenced the young women of Japan. Back then, rumblings of war were drawing closer, but people still felt some degree of freedom.
“Love & Hate” is a powerful drama that could only be played out in such an era. Love, hatred, treachery and revenge intertwine. Trouble brews around three sisters and the people surrounding them. This drama is characterized by a storyline as fast-paced as a roller-coaster ride that leaves you breathless.