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Yoshihiko Hosoda (細田よしひこ)


스캔들   美麗醜聞

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Four women meet at a mutual friend’s wedding: one is tormented by love, another is distressed over her lack of courage, yet another frets over her treasures, and the other worries about her greed. While searching for the missing bride who has disappeared on the day of her wedding, the women end up getting involved in unimaginable scandals. This is a suspenseful love story about the most dazzlingly beautiful and attractive women.


あんどーなつ   안도나쓰   安藤奈津

60 min x 12 eps|12 episodes

Natsu Ando, a pastry chef wanna-be, accidentally encounters a long-established Japanese confectionery shop founded in the Edo era called Mangetsu-do. To Natsu, who only knows Western confectionery techniques, the world of Japanese confectionery seems completely fresh and new. She witnesses the hard work of Japanese confectioners and somehow becomes attracted to the delicate taste of Japanese confectionery and the profoundness of the Japanese confectionery world, starting to set herself on the path of becoming a Japanese confectionery chef.

Edison's Mother

エジソンの母   에디슨의 어머니   愛迪生之母

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Noriko Ayukawa is a beautiful and dedicated, if rather conventional, teacher. A new addition to her class and “problem child”, Kento, is said to be a genius on a par with Edison. Could it be that Kento really does have boundless potential? This Edison in the making keeps Noriko off-balance by constantly asking “Why?” and “How?”

Tales of Terror "Cow Woman"

怪談新耳袋「牛おんな」   괴담신이대「소여자」   怪談新耳袋「牛女」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

The cow woman is believed to be the sign of a huge catastrophe that is about to occur. It is said that she dies when the catastrophe is over. In some regions, the cow woman is worshiped as a prophet who warns of future misfortune. Asuka, who has joined a training camp, decides to head off to the site of an unsolved murder together with her four classmates. It is there that they find an isolated house where they manage to be let in by making up an excuse. However, once inside...