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Mayuko Takada (高田万由子)

Suzu's Gift

すずがくれた音   스즈가 준 소리   循著鈴聲走

30 min. x 30 eps.|30 episodes

There are five members in the Kazamatsuri family - Asako, the carefree mother, Yu the capable eldest daughter, weak-hearted son Dai, Saki the free-thinking individualist and Takashi, the head of the household who has just been transferred back to his company’s home office. One day on the way back from karate practice, Yu, Dai, and Saki find a puppy abandoned in a cardboard box. The puppy runs into the property of the Takenouchi family, who are notorious dog-haters. That night, Dai and Saki, worried that the puppy will end up in the pound, sneak out of their house… And thus begins a family’s journey as volunteers of raising and training a seeing-eye dog.

June Bride

ジューン・ブライド   6월의 신부   6月新娘

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

The central character of this bittersweet drama is an office worker who succeeds in marrying the man of her dreams. Her struggles and triumphs, in her personal life and at work, reflect the wrenching transition demanded of young women by the bursting of Japan’s economic bubble.