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Seiji Fukushi (福士誠治)

Honcho (S1-6)

ハンチョウ 1-6   반장 시즌 1-6   警視廳安積班 1-6

1: 60 min x 15 eps / 2: 60 min. x 11 eps 3: 60 min x 12 eps / 4: 60 min. x 12 eps 5: 60 min x 12 eps / 6: 60 min. x 10 eps|72 episodes

The wildly popular Honcho series returns to television for a 6th season! This time, the setting moves to the foot of Tokyo’s newest landmark, the Sky Tree tower, in the Oshiage district. There, a new police station has been established, Japan’s first “branch station” of an existing precinct, aiming at a leaner operation free of organizational red tape. The “branch station” promises to serve as a neutral mediator between the main precinct office and neighborhood police boxes and is manned by four detectives, namely, the Azumi unit that so successfully foiled a major terrorist plot through outstanding teamwork six months ago. No sooner is the new branch launched when a tour bus around circling the Sky Tree is hijacked, throwing the Azumi team into the fray with a new slew of crimes in fresh stomping grounds.

Thief Royale

怪盗ロワイヤル   괴도 로얄   華麗怪盜

30 min. x 9 eps.|9 episodes

A young boy with a brilliant mind, a sexy female and two athletes form an unlikely quartet in a game of thievery that calls for cooperation, intrigue and cunning in an effort to steal various treasures ranging from physical objects and data to people’s hearts. But participants must be on constant guard in this thrilling caper lest their prized winnings be stolen away by other players. Under orders from a mystery woman, Yoko Kitaba, brainy protagonist Rei Kamimura teams with the saucy Karen Katagiri, technician Taiga Kishihara and brawny Jack to take on a host of ne’er-do-wells in hopes of recovering treasure and a lost memory.

Love & Hate

貞操問答   정조에 대한 문답   貞操問答

30 min. x 45 eps.|45 episodes

The word “chastity” has grown archaic today, but in the 1920s it greatly influenced the young women of Japan. Back then, rumblings of war were drawing closer, but people still felt some degree of freedom.
“Love & Hate” is a powerful drama that could only be played out in such an era. Love, hatred, treachery and revenge intertwine. Trouble brews around three sisters and the people surrounding them. This drama is characterized by a storyline as fast-paced as a roller-coaster ride that leaves you breathless.