TBS Program Catalog

Kamiwaza: The Superhuman Skill Show

THE 神業チャレンジ   신기 챌린지   神乎奇技大挑戰

Kamiwaza: The Superhuman Skill Show follows a mixed group of both celebrity and civilian contestants as they attempt to complete unbelievably difficult challenges that have gone viral on social media or have been concocted by mischievously talented producers.
Contestants who complete each challenge are awarded a cash prize.


ハモリ我慢ゲーム   화음 참기 게임   群唱飆歌怕走音?

Outsing the Choir! is a musical game show featuring two teams of contestants facing off in a singing showdown. Each contestant must sing their chosen song perfectly while not getting thrown off by a live, in-studio choir. While this may seem like any singer’s dream, it’s actually every singers’ nightmare!


見破れ!アクター&リアクター   액터 vs 리액터   誰才是鏡像偽裝者?

Actor vs. Reactors is a reality game show combining the best elements of two genres: prank show and imposter search. A group of participants spend a day sightseeing, but wherever they go, pranks are played on them. The group includes a secret imposter: an actor who is in on all the pranks and faking their reactions. To win a prize, the participants have to identify the imposter.


マッスルドア   머슬 도어   肌肉門

THE MUSCLE DOOR is a social experiment reality show about ordinary young men desperate to acquire a strong, muscular physique. The show follows their two-month journey of physical transformation, culminating in a heroic attempt to heave open the three-ton MUSCLE DOOR.

Genre: Reality / Social Experiment

LOVE by A.I.

LOVE by A.I.

Love by A.I. is a dating reality show where couples who are selected by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as the perfect match, go through dating completely assisted by A.I. and see if they can find true love. The A.I controls everything, from matching the couples, to choosing where the couples go for their first date, to who plans subsequent dates, to even detecting dopamine levels.


瞬間記憶バラエティー オボエロ!

MEMORIZE THIS! is a whole new mind-bending studio game show to test your short term memory. Two teams of 4 players each face off in crazy memorization-based challenges and the fear of being physically punished in a wide variety of ways makes each stage even more stressful than the last. Whose memory will prove to be the best on MEMORIZE THIS!?

2 Many Chefs!


2 Many Chefs! is a hilarious in-studio cooking game show in which three teams - comprised of one professional chef and one novice who knows nothing about cooking - compete to create the tastier dish. The amateur cook is the only one who is allowed to physically do the cooking, but receives guidance from the master chef, who is blindfolded and unable to see what is going on in the kitchen, and only able to give verbal assistance. The team who cooks the best dish is awarded a cash prize.



Can one expert outduel an army of amateurs?

“TOTALLY OUTNUMBERED” is a game show format where experts and professionals in various fields face off against a large group of people in never-before-seen competitions.

Genre: Game Show / Challenge-based

Melody Kingdom


Melody Kingdom is a game show format where the contestant’s love of music is challenged through multiple music based in studio games. Teams will face off with members competing in games designed to be fun, exciting and hilarious at the same time.

The Double Down


The Double Down is a quiz show format which fuses simple rules with the element of betting and specially created unexampled questions which adds up to unprecedented excitement. The show starts with the contestant betting their own money, and then facing multiple choices starting with a 2-choice question, and if they correctly answer, their money is doubled. If not, the challenge is over and they lose all the money. A choice is added to each new question which increase the difficulty, but if they win out all the way through to the10-choice question in the end, they may win 500 times of what they bet. The questions are specially created and do not require any knowledge, but a good eye for the details of everyday life.



Created by the producers of the global hit Ninja Warrior, BLOWOUT! is an exciting game show format of athletic prowess which has aired on TBS in Japan in a Saturday primetime slot for 10 years as part of a larger program called Athletic Fire.

The show is centered on various games in which participants attempt to BLOW OUT numerous specially designed targets, calling upon their skills in universally known sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Soccer, Golf and so on. The games are great fun for the participants, but they can be deceptively challenging and test participant’ s mental fortitude as well by adding time pressure to the mix leading many to reveal their true character. Casting participants with a wide range of skill experience, allows viewers to enjoy amazing performances of technical skill by experienced athletes, but also hilarious attempts by over-confident or witless amateurs. World class athletes such as Stephen Curry, Neymar, Lionel Messi and Naomi Osaka appeared as participants in the Japanese version.



Our new format “CAST WARS” is not only a hilarious and exciting game show that viewers of all generations can enjoy, but the best chance a broadcaster or platform can get to promote their latest shows (such as dramas, reality shows and news programs) to those viewers in a completely new way! The format is based on the most successful Japanese game show of all time, “Tokyo Friendly Park” which was on the air as a weekly program for more than 17 years, and is now airing as a nationally popular recurring special after successfully rebooting in 2017.
The structure of the show is very simple! Celebrities who star in the latest shows tackle games one by one working as a “team” to win a prize at the end of the show. The thrilling and fun games would make anyone want to give them a try, but most importantly they are designed to reveal the true character and relationships of the stars tackling them. A leading actor who’s usually very serious and strict may reveal an unexpected mischievous side, or a cute teen idol girl may show her extremely competitive streak, or stars with a great age difference between them may conversely show very strong teamwork. Viewers are drawn into the entertaining challenges and the many personalities of the challengers themselves and can’t stop tuning in for more!



3 eps 60 & 120 min series|3 eps

Our new format “Gotttttcha!!!” is based on a simple game known all around the world: “hide and seek”. But by adding three original twists, it’s reborn into the most hilarious and exciting game show, presented with a cool and futuristic look!
The first twist is that the players (which consist of celebrities) challenge the game as a team. They are called the “seekers” whose ultimate goal is to find and eliminate all the “hiders” (who also consist of celebrities) who hide in spacious public places such as amusement parks, zoos and shopping arcades, packed with bystanders. The second twist is that the “hiders” are extremely hard to find, since they use everything from Hollywood level special makeup to professionally made props to disguise themselves. The third and final twist is that in this game, the “hiders” don’t just hide around, but they also have a chance to eliminate the “seekers” by pushing a huge red button they carry on their back. In the end, the last “seeker” standing is rewarded with a fat cash prize.
The game is shot using the latest 360 degree cameras, which enable the production to catch the most thrilling sequences of camouflage and capture right up until the final gotttttcha!!! moment!



Time is Money is the hilarious celebrity Life Hack show where your favourite stars share the time saving secrets of their success – and where viewers with the best life-hacks go home with a fat cash prize, proving once and for all that: Time is Money.

We live in increasingly pressurised times where much of our time is spent trying to save time! Take a quick look at your phone – just how many ‘time-saving’ apps have you got on it right now? Now ask yourself how many of them actually work? Right… then delete them then… I guess… how long would that take?

Time is Money is the show that really saves you time in your day to day life to free you up to do the things that you should be doing, like horse-riding, skiing, or something else you might see other people doing on the TV. Playing polo, maybe.

Time is Money is fiendishly simple. Our hosts introduce a panel of funny and crazy celebrities that show us their favourite life hacks. Little tips and tricks from the stars that have helped them get along and can now improve our lives by making things so, so much simpler. Some are fun, some are silly, some are extremely messy or dangerous, but most of them have the ultimate in ‘take-home TV’ – they can improve your life!

Timeless Shops & Restaurants

坂上&指原のつぶれない店   사카가미&사시하라의 망하지 않는 가게   坂上&指原的不會倒閉的店

60 min. series

Have you ever pondered questions like, “What keeps that shop in business?” or “How does that shop or that person ever make a profit?“ Well here is a variety program that seeks to answer those riddles and uncover unknown money mysteries. The truth will astound you!


KUNOICHI   쿠노이치   誰是女忍者?

3 eps 150 ~ 180 min series|3 eps

A spin-off program from SASUKE. KUNOICHI (a word for a female ninja) puts professional and amateur athletes, celebrities and general participants on a challenging obstacle course. Who among these women has the skills and stamina to clear all areas and be crowned champion?

Aim for the Bouquet

ブーケをねらえ!   부케를 노려라   瞄準!! 新娘捧花大搶奪!

Aim for the Bouquet asks the question "would you want to marry the mystery celebrity?" This format's unique feature is a "voice audience" made up of 100 single men when the guest celebrity is female, or single women when the guest is a man. After each question, the voting audience decides whether they approve of the celebrity's answer. While the viewer can see and hear the celebrity guest, the celebrity's identity is electronically hidden from the voting audience who, uninfluenced by any preconception, form their opinions based only on the answers given. Conflict, humor and surprising results build to the dramatic conclusion.

Alternative Love

2択恋愛   양자택일 연애   浪漫情三角

A lighthearted game of love featuring a continuous romantic triangle. Three strangers spend a day together and one of them is eliminated that evening. If the two remaining do not wish to become a couple, a new person is introduced into the triangle the next morning.

Amazing Animals

どうぶつ奇想天外!   동물 기상천외 !   動物奇想天外

Prepare to be entertained and enlightened in this quiz show featuring the amazing lives animals lead. In-studio guests earn points by answering questions on why animals do what they do based on video segments featuring animals from all over the world. The footage includes examinations of animal behavior with fascinating and humorous results.

Athletic Fire

炎の体育会TV   열띤 체육회 TV   火炎運動會TV

60 and 120 min|60 and 120 min series

The world's greatest female athletes challenge Japan's top comedians in sports battles designed to amaze and entertain. World record holders, international stars and the nations best women from swimming, volleyball, soccer, golf and martial arts have their hands full as they battle funny men in real competitions.

Batsu Bidding

キリウリ   페널티 비딩   才藝出清

“Batsu Bidding” is a studio based entertainment program with big impact humor. An auction is held where contestants try to become the winning bidder for the right to humiliate themselves. The contestant with the most outrageous suggestion wins the bid. However, prize money is only awarded to those winning bidders who step outside the studio and successfully complete the stunt. Laughter is the goal and viewers are richly rewarded.

Battle of the Super Boyz

究極の男は誰だ!? 最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦   최고의 남자는 누구인가!? 최강 스포츠 남자 정상결정전   終極美男體能爭霸賽

150 ~ 240 min series|150 ~ 240 min series

Never before has a competition created such excitement on screen and among teens and young adults. A legendary competition is reborn with the hottest games and competitors.

Bounty Hunters

からくり賞金ハンター   상금헌터   獎金獵人

Brain Survivor

ブレイン・サバイバー   브레인 서바이버   腦力激盪

Brain Survivor is the ultimate test of perception and memory. The studio contestants are bombarded with challenges and have very little time to answer. Each round involves different challenges and the elimination of competitors. The longer the game goes, the more difficult it becomes. To win requires concentration, great skill and the ability to perform under intense pressure. Who will be the next....BRAIN SURVIVOR?

★Airing on Nickelodeon USA as “BrainSurge”
★Airing on Discovery Kids Latin America as “Veloz Mente”
★Nominated for a 2012 Daytime Emmy.

Comedy Colosseum

ザ・イロモネア   이로모네아   搞笑綜藝王

Comedians are the contestants in a game show filled with tension, time limits and tons of laughter. Winners are those who can make the judges laugh while performing five different types of comedy.

Door of Time

時の扉   시간의 문   時限關卡

“Door of Time” is a quiz program that appeals to modern viewers who seek fast paced and visual entertainment. Contestants have very little time to answer a series of questions. Each time the contestant is successful, they face a new door with a more difficult challenge. There are 5 doors to victory. The pacing and structure are exhausting for the contestants and exhilarating for the viewer.

Get 100

100げっちゅ〜   100 을 획득해라 !   百分百贏家

A quiz show whose answers are numbers between 1 and 99. Contestants accumulate points with correct answers and try to finish with as close to 100 as possible. The unique scoring system creates fierce rivalries as points won can be used to sabotage opponents attempt to get 100 points.

Happy Family Plan

しあわせ家族計画   행복 가족 계획   幸褔家庭計劃

60 min. x 91 eps.|91 episodes

A primetime game show that delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense. The father of participating families must master an assigned challenge in one week to win dream prizes for his wife, children and himself. Home video footage tells the story of each family's weeklong collaboration to prepare their father for his moment of truth in the studio.

★Airing on ITV as "Celebrities Under Pressure"

Know Your Limits

限度ヲ知レ   한도를 알라   尺度知多少

Know Your Limits is a new kind of reality comedy -- a hidden camera variety show that explores the boundaries of everyday life. To find "limits," our hidden camera actors push ordinary people to the boundaries of what is considered normal. The further we can go, the funnier it gets.

Monster Stairs

モンスターステアーズ   몬스터 계단   恐怖階梯

The Quiz Show with comic consequences. Each step of the Monster Stairs represents a possible answer. The contestant tries to climb to the step with the correct answer to win a point for their team. Those who stop on the wrong step are sent tumbling by the Monster Stairs.

Muscle Ranking

筋肉番付   근육랭킹   挑戰冠軍王

60 min x 77 eps 30 min x 154 eps|Eps 231

Real athletic competition is on display in this sports game show. A field of competitors that ranges from unknown amateurs to world class professional athletes provides remarkable stories of human spirit and achievement. The competition features incredibly challenging games that have been specially designed for this show and include Super Rider, Handwalking, Kick Target and Service Ace.

Sanma’s Gimmick TV


A comedy variety format that turns the camera on ordinary people for laughs. Corners include "Funniest English," "Buzzer Quiz," "Drunken Businessmen" and "Video Postcards."


사스케 / 쿠노이치   極限体能王/ 女子版極限体能王

SASUKE: 120 - 480 min. x 30 eps. KUNOICHI: 120 min. x 7 eps.|SASUKE: 30 episodes KUNOICHI: 7 episodes

SASUKE and KUNOICHI (all female version) are challenges of Olympic proportions that are designed to test the limits of human ability. Each program features 100 competitors who take on the enormous four stage course. The drama and tension are high as world class athletes struggle along side top amateur competitors attempting to pass the world’s ultimate test of physical ability.

★ Local SASUKE formats continue to increase popularity throughout Asia.
SASUKE MALAYSIA: Produced in 2011, aired on RTM2 in 2012
SASUKE SINGAPORE: Produced in 2012, aired on Mediacorp Ch. 5
SASUKE VIETNAM: Vietnamese version to be produced in 2015 and on air on VTV.
and more to come !!!!

Shout It Out

未成年の主張   미성년자의 주장   未成年的主張

From the rooftops of their schools, teenagers "shout" their messages to fellow students and teachers assembled below. Full of emotion and humor, the shouts include funny commentaries, professions of love, embarrassing stories and outrageous claims, and also expose the charming innocence of youth.

So We Asked What the World Thinks

世界のみんなに聞いてみた   세상 모든이들에게 물어봤습니다   問過世界的大家

60 and 120 min. series|Series

“What is considered beautiful in your country?,” “What is typical home cooking in your country?,” “What are good table manners in your country?”
The audience is introduced to different values, culture and national character.
There are 20 to 25 international panelists who share thoughts on these and other subjects that often lead to huge in-studio battles!

Street Fight

ストリートファイト   거리 대결   街頭挑戰王

A game show format which challenges two teams in the studio for some unusual and exciting competition. The teams vie to score the most points by defeating ordinary people off the street in tests of skill.