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Australian Ninja Warrior

오스트레일리언 닌자 워리어   澳大利亞忍者王

Season 1: 90 min × 9 eps Season 2: 90 min × 12 eps Season 3: 90 min × 10 eps Season 4: 90 min × 10 eps|Eps 41

Ninja Warrior Austria challenges the toughest contestants from all over the country to face the hardest competition of their life. Over 200 Austrian athletes will try their best – but only the best 25 will make it to the big finale.

Ninja Warrior Hungary

닌자 워리어 헝가리   忍者大戰 匈牙利

120 min.|10 episodes

Thousands of people have come forward to prove that they are able to overcome the monumental obstacle course that only a few could achieve in the world so far. Amazing excitement, a stunning track and super-power is promised by the world-famous show. After Japan, America and many other countries in Europe, Ninja Warrior arrived in Hungary. Do not miss anything, pleasing to the greatest fighters!

Takeshi’s Castle Indonesia

風雲!たけし城 インドネシア版   타케시성 인도네시아   風雲!Takeshi's Castle 印度尼西亞最新版

Season 1: 90 min × 20 eps Season 2: 90 min × 20 eps Season 3: 90 min × 20 eps|Eps 60

The adventure revived! Takeshi’s Castle is back in a new Indonesia version! The hugely-popular and legendary game show returns as a brand new reboot with contestants taking on ever more rigorously chosen challenges sure to generate plenty of laughs and seat-of-your-pants excitement.


KUNOICHI   쿠노이치   誰是女忍者?

3 eps 150 ~ 180 min series|3 eps

A spin-off program from SASUKE. KUNOICHI (a word for a female ninja) puts professional and amateur athletes, celebrities and general participants on a challenging obstacle course. Who among these women has the skills and stamina to clear all areas and be crowned champion?

American Ninja Warrior

아메리칸 닌자 워리어   美國忍者王

Season 1 (2009) : 30 min x 8 eps Season 2 (2010) : 60 min x 10 eps Season 3 (2011) : 60 min x 8 eps / 120 min x 1 ep Season 4 (2012) : 60 min x 21 eps / 120 min x 3 eps Season 5 (2013) : 60 min x 18 eps / 120 min x 4 eps Season 6 (2014) : 120 min x 14 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 7 (2015) : 120 min x 16 eps / 180 min x 2 eps Season 8 (2016) : 120 min x 14 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 9 (2017) : 120 min x 16 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 10 (2018) : 120 min x 16 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 11 (2019) : 120min × 17eps, 180min × 1ep Season 12 (2020) : 120 min x 9 eps Season 13 (2021) : 120min × 12eps Season 14 (2022):120min × 12 eps Season 15 (2023):60min × 8 eps / 120min × 6 eps|Eps 220

American competitors try to do what few others have, conquer Mount Midoriyama.
Seasons 1, 2 and 3 each begin with hundreds of hopefuls who compete for a chance to travel to Japan to prove themselves on the world's most difficult obstacle course. The latest season takes place entirely in America, beginning with competitions in six different regions and culminating in Las Vegas where an exact duplicate of the four stage Mount Midoriyama has been constructed.

★ Nominated Outstanding Reality-Competition in 2016 Emmys
★ Aired on G4 and NBC in primetime in the same season
★ #1 rating in adults 18-49 steadily increased in its timeslot throughout the season

American Ninja Warrior Junior

American Ninja Warrior Junior   아메리칸 닌자 워리어 주니어   美國小忍者王

Series1 : 20 eps Series2 : 17 eps Series3:15 eps

Nominated for an Emmy four years in a row the worldwide phenomenon “American Ninja Warrior” has a broad fan base but the biggest among them is the KIDS. And now for the first time, the kids can actually be a part of “American Ninja Warrior” in the new program “American Ninja Warrior Junior”. “American Ninja Warrior Junior” features up to 200 boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old from across the country. Two players at a time from each of three age groups (9 & 10, 11 & 12, and 13 & 14 year s old) compete head- to-head on identical parallel obstacle courses, with the player who completes the course in the shortest amount of time advancing to the next round.

Battle of the Super Boyz

究極の男は誰だ!? 最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦   최고의 남자는 누구인가!? 최강 스포츠 남자 정상결정전   終極美男體能爭霸賽

150 ~ 240 min series|150 ~ 240 min series

Never before has a competition created such excitement on screen and among teens and young adults. A legendary competition is reborn with the hottest games and competitors.

Mongolian Ninja Warrior

몽골리언 닌자워리어   蒙古忍者王

Series 1: 90 min × 13 eps|Eps 13

MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)

MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)

30 min. x 78 eps|Eps 78

Highly rated and critically acclaimed, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is the break through comedy that premiered in the United States on Viacom’s Spike TV. Known as MXC, and made from footage from the popular game show, Takeshi's Castle, it has been re-edited, re-written and re-voiced into a hilarious, intentionally over-produced, modern "action/X-treme" sports show. MXC pits such teams as "America's Meat Handlers" against their hated rivals, "The Cartoon Voice-Over Actors."

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior   닌자전사   忍者戰士

30 min: 135 eps 60 min x 2 eps Including special and preview episodes Spanish version (30 min): 21 eps|30 & 60 min series

Divided into four extreme stages, 100 competitors face the ultimate test of strength and will in their quest to become champion. Many are called. Few are chosen. Who’s tough enough to become the next Ninja Warrior! Produced by Monster 9 and airing on Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Ninja Warrior has become an international sensation.

★ Both on-air & clean video versions available to suit a licensee’s need
★ Sold in 157 countries and territories
★ Now available for all digital media

Ninja Warrior Espana

닌자 워리어 에스파냐   西班牙忍者王

Season 1 : 120 min × 5 eps Season 2 : 120 min × 5 eps|Eps 10

Ninja Warrior Germany

닌자 워리어 독일   德國忍者王

Season 1 : 125-130 min × 5 eps Season 2 : 125-130 min × 9 eps Season 3 : 125-130 min × 9 eps Season 4 : 125-130 min × 9 eps Season 5 : 125-130 min × 10 eps Season 6:125min-130min × 11 eps Season 7:125min-130min × 10 eps|Eps 63

Ninja Warrior Sweden

닌자 워리어 스웨덴   極限體能王・瑞典版

Series 1 : 45 min. x 10 eps. Series 2 : 45 min. x 12 eps.|22 episodes

Ninja Warrior makes its debut in Europe with this exciting version that gathers the best athletes from all over Sweden.

Ninja Warrior UK

닌자 워리어, 영국   極限體能王-英國篇

Series 1 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 2 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 3 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 4 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 5 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 6:60 min x 8 eps|Eps 48

The toughest obstacle course on television has come to the UK. Competitors from all walks of life have prepared for this grueling challenge in many different ways, but they share one dream, to be crowned UK's Ninja Warrior.


SASUKE   極限体能王   사스케

120~480 min × 37 eps|Eps 37

“SASUKE” is challenges of Olympic proportions that are designed to test the limits of human ability. Each program features 100 competitors who take on the enormous four stage course.
The drama and tension are high as world class athletes struggle a long side top amateur competitors at tempt ing to pass the world’s ultimate test of physical ability.

SASUKE Indonesia

사스케 인도네시아   極限體能王・印尼篇

Series 1: 60-120 min × 25 eps Series 2: 60-120 min × 36 eps|Eps 61

Only the toughest contestants who pass the tryouts are entitled to compete in the competition consisting of six stages with increasing difficulty.
In the military version 100 elite members of the Indonesian army, navy and air force challenge the obstacles to determine the strongest contestant. The Indonesian version of Sasuke is produced by RCTI, a group channel of the MNC Group.

SASUKE Vietnam

사스케 베트남   極限體能王 越南篇

Series 1: 60 min × 20 eps Series 2: 60 min × 20 eps Series 3: 60 min × 20 eps Series 4: 60 min × 20 eps Series 5: 60 min × 20 eps|Eps 100

340 highly-capable challengers from across Vietnam challenge the indomitable SASUKE. Will any of them defeat the course?
This is Asia’s first full-scale version of SASUKE, and the most expensive Vietnamese television production ever by public television station VTV3.

Takeshi's Castle

風雲!たけし城   풍운! 다케시 성   風雲~百戰百勝

60 min × 127 eps|Eps 127

The legendary audience participation variety program that took the entire world by storm! Laugh and cheer along with average citizens as they face a slew of challenging games!

Takeshi's Castle Comedy Central Version

Comedy Central 버전 타케시성   Comedy Central 版「百戰百勝」

Thai version : 30 min × 40 eps Indonesia version : 30 min × 40 eps Including special and best of episodes|Eps 80

Takeshi's Castle Saudi Arabia

타케시성 사우디   沙烏地阿拉伯版「百戰百勝」

Series 1: 60 min × 13 eps Series 2: 60 min × 13 eps|Eps 26

Takeshi’s Castle Thailand

風雲!たけし城 タイ版   타케시성 - 타이   泰國版 百戰百勝

100 min x 85 eps Including special and best of episodes|Eps 85

The classic game show, “Takeshi’s Castle”, returns to life in Thailand!
Built on the largest set in Thai television history, challengers take part in the legendary game to great laughs and adventure! Thailand’s popular actors and comedians provide extra glamour and entertainment including distinctly Thai themed shows, such as a “models competition,” that do the original show proud.

Team Ninja Warrior/Ninja vs. Ninja

팀 닌자 워리어   極限體能王・隊伍戰

Series 1 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 2 : 60 min x 16 eps Series 3 : 60 min x 16 eps|60 min series

A brand new competition where 24 of the best ninja teams face each other, racing on the same obstacle course at the same time. The team to win the qualifying and final rounds is crowned champion.

Unbeatable Banzuke

부동의 반즈케   打不敗的上榜戰士: 暫譯

65 eps 30 min series|65 eps

Welcome to Japan’s Legendary Temple of Champions, where athletes gather to face the most difficult challenges ever conceived…testing balance, endurance and sheer strength. Competitors have one goal, beat the course. Victory is elusive as thousands have tried to conquer dozens of different challenges. The few that succeed are added to the Banzuke, the List of Champions. Who will top The Unbeatable Banzuke?