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SASUKE Indonesia 사스케 인도네시아   極限體能王・印尼篇



Episode / Duration

Eps 61 Series 1: 60-120 min × 25 eps
Series 2: 60-120 min × 36 eps

Only the toughest contestants who pass the tryouts are entitled to compete in the competition consisting of six stages with increasing difficulty.
In the military version 100 elite members of the Indonesian army, navy and air force challenge the obstacles to determine the strongest contestant. The Indonesian version of Sasuke is produced by RCTI, a group channel of the MNC Group.
아세안 10여개국 중에서도 최대의 인구를 자랑하는 아시아의 대국 인도네시아 공화국. 약2억5천명이 열광하는 대형프로그램이 2015년 12월 만반의 준비를 하여 등장했다. 『사스케』인도네시아 현지제작판『사스케 닌자워리어 인도네시아』 는 본국인 일본을 비롯해 세계적으로 대히트를 기록한 미국 현지제작판『아메리칸 닌자워리어』를 넘는 전28개장소에서 세계최대규모의 세트로 제작되었다. 제작은 인도네시아 최대 미디어기업MNC그룹의 산하에 있는 지상파RCTI이다. 동남아시아에서는 베트남에 이어 두번째의 풀스케일세트. 첫회방송시청률은RCTI가 과거 같은시간대에 기록한 최고시청률을 넘는 역사적인 고시청률이었다. 고시청률을 배경으로 인도네시아 육해공군 100명의 정예군이 모여 최강의 군인을 뽑는 추가 에피소드도 제작되었다.
這次節目的舞台是在ASEAN諸國當中, 以擁有最多人口而自豪的亞洲大國-印尼。讓二億五千萬人為之瘋狂的大型節目於2015年的12月正式登場!「極限體能王」印尼本地製作版「極限體能王・印尼篇」是以超越原創國日本, 以及創下世界收視紀錄的美國篇「美國忍者戰士」的世界最大規格製作的節目。本節目是由印尼最大的傳媒公司MNC集團之下的地上波公司RCTI經手製作。在東南亞來說, 是自越南篇以來的第二次大規模節目製作。本節目的收視率甚至超過了RCTI在同一時段的最高收視率, 創下了收視率的歷史新紀錄。以其高收視率為背景, 這次特別召集了印尼的陸海空三軍的精英共100人, 再從當中選出最強的軍人來製作特別篇。

Athletic Fire

炎の体育会TV   열띤 체육회 TV   火炎運動會TV

60 and 120 min|60 and 120 min series

The world's greatest female athletes challenge Japan's top comedians in sports battles designed to amaze and entertain. World record holders, international stars and the nations best women from swimming, volleyball, soccer, golf and martial arts have their hands full as they battle funny men in real competitions.

Big Windup!

おおきく振りかぶって   크게 휘두르며   王牌投手- 振臂高揮

Series.1: 30 min. x 26 eps. (SD only) Series.2: 30 min. x 14 eps. (HD only)|40 episodes

Having been the “ace” pitcher for his junior high school baseball team just because he was the principal’s grandson, only brought him and his team three years of straight losses. Now that he is a freshman on the high school team, Mihashi’s lacking confidence, but the team’s tough-as-nails coach, Momoe, and Mihashi’s new best friend and team catcher, Abe, see something special in him. They’ll have to help him conquer his fears if they want to win the championship!

Drucker in the Dug-Out: A Japanese baseball girl meets Peter Drucker

もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの『マネジメントを読んだら』   만약 고교야구 여자 매니저가 피터드러커를 읽는다면   我們的青春是從一本書開始的。

125 min.

When the manager of a pathetic city high school baseball team becomes sick, her best friend Minami takes over the position. Not knowing anything about how to run a team, she goes to the bookstore and mistakenly buys business guru Peter Drucker’s famed book “Management”. Inspired, she applies Drucker’s theories and words of wisdom into the practical running of the club. It’s time for the team to play the final qualifying game in their last summer at Hodokubo High. They’ll need to utilize all of their ability and everything they’ve learned from Drucker to win. However, the night before the fateful game the unthinkable happens…Will Hodokubo High make it to the national championships?


KUNOICHI   쿠노이치   誰是女忍者?

3 eps 150 ~ 180 min series|3 eps

A spin-off program from SASUKE. KUNOICHI (a word for a female ninja) puts professional and amateur athletes, celebrities and general participants on a challenging obstacle course. Who among these women has the skills and stamina to clear all areas and be crowned champion?

Muscle Ranking

筋肉番付   근육랭킹   挑戰冠軍王

60 min x 77 eps 30 min x 154 eps|Eps 231

Real athletic competition is on display in this sports game show. A field of competitors that ranges from unknown amateurs to world class professional athletes provides remarkable stories of human spirit and achievement. The competition features incredibly challenging games that have been specially designed for this show and include Super Rider, Handwalking, Kick Target and Service Ace.

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior   닌자전사   忍者戰士

30 min: 135 eps 60 min x 2 eps Including special and preview episodes Spanish version (30 min): 21 eps|30 & 60 min series

Divided into four extreme stages, 100 competitors face the ultimate test of strength and will in their quest to become champion. Many are called. Few are chosen. Who’s tough enough to become the next Ninja Warrior! Produced by Monster 9 and airing on Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Ninja Warrior has become an international sensation.

★ Both on-air & clean video versions available to suit a licensee’s need
★ Sold in 157 countries and territories
★ Now available for all digital media

Ninja Warrior UK

닌자 워리어, 영국   極限體能王-英國篇

Series 1 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 2 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 3 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 4 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 5 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 6:60 min x 8 eps|Eps 48

The toughest obstacle course on television has come to the UK. Competitors from all walks of life have prepared for this grueling challenge in many different ways, but they share one dream, to be crowned UK's Ninja Warrior.


陸王   육왕   陸王

120 min × 1 eps / 90 min × 1 eps / 85 min × 2 eps / 75 min × 2 eps / 60 min × 4 eps|10 episodes

Dramatization based on the novel “RIKUOH” by Jun Ikeido. Koichi Miyazawa is the CEO of the longstanding company which manufacture tabi(traditional Japanese socks). Due to a decrease of demand for tabi thesedays, the Company, Kohazeya, has fallen upon hard times. For the company's survival, Miyazawa strikes upon the idea of creating a new type of running shoe that utilizes “tabi” making techniques to make the user feel as if running in bare feet. But the road ahead for a cash-strapped local company with a small staff is steep, and Miyazawa runs into continuous roadblocks only to be saved time and time again by those around him. Will he succeed in launching his running shoe and saving his company? Follow Miyazawa in this uplifting tale of economic revitalization.


ROOKIES   루키즈   ROOKIES (菜鳥總動員)

120 min x 2 eps / 60 min x 9 eps|11 episodes

The setting is Futakotamagawa Gakuen High School. Upset that the baseball club has been forced to suspend its activities after a scandal caused by one of its members, the boys have slipped into delinquency. This is an inspiring story of blood, sweat and tears as Kawato, the dedicated schoolteacher, tries to open up communications with the toughs through baseball, and we see the boys clawing their way back from delinquency as they set their sights on Koshien despite their lack of skill.

ROOKIES: Graduation

ROOKIES - 卒業 -   루키즈   菜鳥總動員: 畢業決戰 不良學園終極電影版

137 min.

A fired-up high-school teacher who teaches his baseball team the importance of having a dream, and the students he leads, burning with this dream of a national championship. A group of modern young people of the baseball club at Futakotamagawa High School: they have no hope for the future, and no idea of what they want to do. ‘The world is full of hope,’ a new teacher, Kawato shouts at them. ‘Don’t make fun of people who have dreams.’ Overcoming problems with the new players, and an injury to their captain, with Kawato, they move into the semifinal tournament that leads to their final chance at a national championship. Will the dreams of the Futakotamagawa baseball team come true? Meanwhile, graduation day draws near..…