TBS Program Catalog

I am Adventure Boy

アイ・アム・冒険少年   冒險少年

Our beloved home, planet Earth, never ceases to amaze us with its many hidden treasures. This variety program takes viewers on an exciting treasure hunt full of incredible must-see wonders, an adventure full of mystery and amazing information to pique your intellectual curiosity! Even the most familiar places and things, when viewed from a scientific perspective, harbor eye-opening discoveries. Come explore the wonders of nature, animal life, science, and history, from the cosmic to the mundane in this foray into the earth’s marvelous wonders!



The two comedy duos of “BANANAMAN” and “SANDWICHMAN” join forces for their first tag team as MCs. The mischievous fun-loving foursome draw out surprising and unseen sides of their trending guests with high-energy antics for a wholly “super fun time” full of gut-splitting laughter and even a few serious discussions in a variety program that will energize you with uncontrollable laughter.

Any theory goes

水曜日のダウンタウン   수요일의 다운타운   星期三的DOWNTOWN

Everybody has theories that they personally cling blindly to regardless of proof or scientific validity. In this entertaining information program, a host of celebrities present their cases for pet theories to studio guests by any means be it academic argument or laughably “out there” logic. Can their theories gain acceptance? Or will they be discarded as pop science that only adds confusion to the world? Find out through exhaustive examination including on-location experiments!

Takeru and Nobu's Puzzle Game Challenge!

佐藤健&千鳥ノブよ! この謎を解いてみろ!   佐藤健&千鳥nobu!解開這個謎!~來自天才解謎集團的挑戰書~

Show business’ biggest mystery fanatic, Takeru Sato, ventures overseas to solve the world’s greatest mysteries, recruiting his best friend, Nobu (from the comedy duo, Chidori). Takeru and Nobu challenge a team of five mystery creators alongside some big-name guests in the most extravagant competition ever for a Japanese mystery-themed program! Don’t miss it!



3 eps 60 & 120 min series|3 eps

Our new format “Gotttttcha!!!” is based on a simple game known all around the world: “hide and seek”. But by adding three original twists, it’s reborn into the most hilarious and exciting game show, presented with a cool and futuristic look!
The first twist is that the players (which consist of celebrities) challenge the game as a team. They are called the “seekers” whose ultimate goal is to find and eliminate all the “hiders” (who also consist of celebrities) who hide in spacious public places such as amusement parks, zoos and shopping arcades, packed with bystanders. The second twist is that the “hiders” are extremely hard to find, since they use everything from Hollywood level special makeup to professionally made props to disguise themselves. The third and final twist is that in this game, the “hiders” don’t just hide around, but they also have a chance to eliminate the “seekers” by pushing a huge red button they carry on their back. In the end, the last “seeker” standing is rewarded with a fat cash prize.
The game is shot using the latest 360 degree cameras, which enable the production to catch the most thrilling sequences of camouflage and capture right up until the final gotttttcha!!! moment!

Fad or Fact?

名医のTHE太鼓判!   명의의 THE 확증!   名醫的THE可靠的保證!

53 eps 60 & 120 min series|53 eps

The strongest group of medical experts assembles to give a stamp of approval or categorically reject various daily practices or “beneficial” fitness regimens amid clashing views and often overturning popular, commonly accepted ideas on health and hygiene. They also put the private lives of various celebrities under a microscope, thoroughly examining such things as daily eating and sleeping habits, and ultimately passing judgment on the health risks their irregular lives are posing for them in this informative health program with a fun twist.

Timeless Shops & Restaurants

坂上&指原のつぶれない店   사카가미&사시하라의 망하지 않는 가게   坂上&指原的不會倒閉的店

60 min. series

Have you ever pondered questions like, “What keeps that shop in business?” or “How does that shop or that person ever make a profit?“ Well here is a variety program that seeks to answer those riddles and uncover unknown money mysteries. The truth will astound you!

CatChat DokiDoki CHALLENGE!

ドキドキチャレンジ!   도키도키 챌린지   CatChat DokiDoki 大冒险!

15 min × 16 eps "MeowTube" videos (for social media)] 25 sec × 14 eps|Eps 16

Curious and adventurous, CHAT is aiming to become the top star on "MeowTube." With help from his friends FLUFFY (polar bear) and SPICY (hedgehog), CHAT explores different parts of Japan and takes on unique and daring activities, to create an exciting MeowTube video that will garner the most ‘LIKES’ !
CHAT’s challenges also introduce a variety of Japanese food, culture and activities, to engage family viewers of all ages. Hybrid live-action/anime edu-travelogue series.

Miyagi Japan’s 3/11 Reconstruction Event: The Tour de Tohoku 2016

日本宮城311復興イベント ツール・ ド・東北2016   일본 미야기 311 부흥이벤트 투어 더 토호쿠 2016   日本東北單車之旅

The Tour de Tohoku bicycle race was established to continually honor those who lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami while paying great tribute to the support and reconstruction efforts that followed in its wake. By covering the Tour de Tohoku 2016, this program seeks to report on the current state of Miyagi’s recovery following the disaster and introduce the prefecture’s beauty and attractions.

Thank you Taiwan! A special program commemorating 5 years of post-disaster reconstruction support

震災5年復興支援特別番組 ありがとう台湾!   재해 5년 부흥지원특별프로그램 고마워요 타이완!   震災5年復興支援特別節目 謝謝您台灣!

5 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Miyagi Prefecture received donations and support from Taiwan as well as inspiring words of encouragement to become a place bustling with activity once again attracting travelers.
This program introduces Miyagi today as a highly attractive travel destination while simultaneously conveying the immense gratitude toward the people of Taiwan for all of their tremendous support in hopes of further building lasting bonds.

DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA

100 eps 15 min series|100 eps

DigiCon6 ASIA, which began in 2000, has grown to become Asia’s largest short movie film festival. Currently, 10 countries and regions participate including Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. All submitted works have an easily viewable running time of 15 minutes or less, running the gamut of formats from CG animation (2D & 3D) and stop motion/clay animation to live action, and spanning a wide variety of genres from children’s animation and human drama to action and science fiction. Carefully-selected works by Asia’s top film creators are presented.
Over 100 works
15 minutes or less per work
Single-story format


時短生活ガイドSHOW   시간단축생활가이드 쇼   超省時生活

13 eps 60 min series|13 eps

Modern people leading busy lives, this is the show for you! Please tell us what you would like to do in shorter time, then we will teach you the techniques that will enable you to achieve it.

For example, we will teach you how to;
- Cook a gorgeous dinner for your family in 20 minutes!
- Get your three children up and ready for school in 5 minutes!
After you watch this show, we promise you will be able to have two additional hours a day!

Alternative Love

2択恋愛   양자택일 연애   浪漫情三角

A lighthearted game of love featuring a continuous romantic triangle. Three strangers spend a day together and one of them is eliminated that evening. If the two remaining do not wish to become a couple, a new person is introduced into the triangle the next morning.


アメージパング!   어메이지팡 !   Amazing Pang!阿多仔@ 日本

30 min series|30 min series

Non-Japanese nationals with an abiding love and knowledge of Japan often exceeding that of Japanese natives themselves, share their passion toward Japan with the world! Visit places they’ve learned about not found in travel guides, glean little known information about people and culture. Join foreigners residing all across Japan as they culture shock you and bring you the most intriguing and compelling discoveries they’ve made!

Asian Ace

아시안 에이스   亞洲第一名

30 min. series|Series

Rival nations battle in a new twist on talent show competition. The best singers, dancers, magicians, chefs and more are on stage to amaze audiences and vie to see whose country will reign supreme. A team of impartial judges chooses a winner in each battle. Every battle is played out in a self-contained one hour format.

Athletic Fire

炎の体育会TV   열띤 체육회 TV   火炎運動會TV

60 and 120 min|60 and 120 min series

The world's greatest female athletes challenge Japan's top comedians in sports battles designed to amaze and entertain. World record holders, international stars and the nations best women from swimming, volleyball, soccer, golf and martial arts have their hands full as they battle funny men in real competitions.

Bananaman’s Gotcha Gourmet!

バナナマンのせっかくグルメ!!   바나나맨의 제대로 구르메!!   香蕉男的全國美食秀

30, 60, 120, 150 min series|30, 60, 120, 150 min series

Japan is a country rich in regional gastronomy where local people are only too eager to have visitors try what they view as the greatest gourmet food around. Join Tokyo ce-lebrity Bananaman as they travel the country door-to-door gleaning information known only to local citizens, making incredible gourmet discoveries and introducing the charms of each locale.

Batsu Bidding

キリウリ   페널티 비딩   才藝出清

“Batsu Bidding” is a studio based entertainment program with big impact humor. An auction is held where contestants try to become the winning bidder for the right to humiliate themselves. The contestant with the most outrageous suggestion wins the bid. However, prize money is only awarded to those winning bidders who step outside the studio and successfully complete the stunt. Laughter is the goal and viewers are richly rewarded.

Bounty Hunters

からくり賞金ハンター   상금헌터   獎金獵人

Brain Survivor

ブレイン・サバイバー   브레인 서바이버   腦力激盪

Brain Survivor is the ultimate test of perception and memory. The studio contestants are bombarded with challenges and have very little time to answer. Each round involves different challenges and the elimination of competitors. The longer the game goes, the more difficult it becomes. To win requires concentration, great skill and the ability to perform under intense pressure. Who will be the next....BRAIN SURVIVOR?

★Airing on Nickelodeon USA as “BrainSurge”
★Airing on Discovery Kids Latin America as “Veloz Mente”
★Nominated for a 2012 Daytime Emmy.


ぶっこみジャパニーズ   붓코미 재패니즈   日本大師吐槽你!

15 eps 120 min series|15 eps

Right now across the globe, Japanese culture is immensely popular. “Cool Japan” has become a moniker for a Japanese cultural charisma that even inspires imitation as “faux Japanesque” resulting in the rise overseas of “imposters” of Japanese culture who have had no training. Genuine stewards of Japanese culture venture around the world to investigate phonies and cheap knockoffs and teach them how it’s really done.

Comedy Colosseum

ザ・イロモネア   이로모네아   搞笑綜藝王

Comedians are the contestants in a game show filled with tension, time limits and tons of laughter. Winners are those who can make the judges laugh while performing five different types of comedy.


所さんのニッポンの出番!   디스커버리 재팬   與所桑一起發現日本

60 and 120 min.|60 and 120 min. Series

A program that seeks to cast a new spotlight on Japan from multiple angles by examining Japan’s strengths and source of pride as seen from around the world.

EXILE The Worst Day in History

EXILE史上最悪の1日   EXILE의 사상 최악의 하루   EXILE史上最糟糕的一天

1 ep 70 min series|1 ep

Vocal and dance group EXILE is a long-time fixture of the entire entertainment industry. They may look calm, cool, and collected normally, but today's a different story. Today they're the target of some pretty serious pranks! They say that the way a person reacts in an emergency tells us a lot about their true character: find out how weak or strong the Exile boys are as they're put to the test in out-of-control taxis, land in traps, and fall victim to pranks backstage. Meanwhile, back at the studio, the MC, guests, and the rest of the band burst into laughter at the sight of their fellow group members falling for trap after trap.This is a whole other side to EXILE, and it's a fun one! Whether you're a fan of the group or not, you won't want to miss this.

Gambling on the World

ギャンブル・ザ・ワールド   갬블 더 월드   世界文化猜猜猜

30 min. series|Series

A high-stakes variety program that makes the world its stage as it makes wagers on the answers to unique and compelling questions. “What Japanese sake would top French sommeliers select as number 1?” “What country’s people would pick up the most oranges if rolled in massive numbers down a hill?” All manners of “experiments”, “verifications” and “contests” are conducted around the world while studio guest “gamblers” place bets on the outcomes.

Happy Family Plan

しあわせ家族計画   행복 가족 계획   幸褔家庭計劃

60 min. x 91 eps.|91 episodes

A primetime game show that delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense. The father of participating families must master an assigned challenge in one week to win dream prizes for his wife, children and himself. Home video footage tells the story of each family's weeklong collaboration to prepare their father for his moment of truth in the studio.

★Airing on ITV as "Celebrities Under Pressure"

Hero at Home: A Child-rearing variety Program

こども成長バラエティ 我が家の勇者!大冒険   어린이 성장 버라이어티 우리 집 용사!   孩子成長的綜藝節目-小勇者大冒險

1 ep 60 min series|1 ep

Inspired by moving candid moments from a program about children overcoming real challenges and growing from them, this program heard the wishes of mothers and fathers to see their children grow up brave and compassionate, and created a fantasy world in which children can experience adventure as they complete assigned “missions.” Watch as these children overcome challenges and mature right before your very eyes, and join the studio guests in being moved to tears.

Homecoming: Foreign Residents of Japan Return Home

ホムカミ〜ニッポン大好き外国人 世界の村に里帰り〜   홈 컴인 ~일본을 좋아하는 외국인 , 세계의 마을로 귀국   Home Coming 外國人回鄉

60 min.|60 min. Series

Over 2.07 million foreign nationals live in Japan today, working far away from their native homes. This variety program accompanies these expatriates on their emotional homecoming trips as they introduce loved ones and local attractions in an impassioned display of hometown pride.

Is My Child Okay in Japan?

ウチの子、ニッポンで元気ですか?   我的孩子在日本過得好嗎?   우리 아이, 일본에서 잘 지내나요?

4 eps 120 min series|4 eps

Foreign workers are on the rise in Japan. Naturally, they have families far away in their native countries who are worried about them. This program shines a spot light on foreign worker s earning a living in Japan and on the parents concerned for the welfare of their expatriated children. The staff of “Is my child okay in Japan?” zooms in on places of employment for foreign workers and gives their worried parents a rare glimpse into how their children are faring, producing many surprising discoveries for Japanese as well!
How wi l l parents react to seeing the struggles of their children overseas? Watch this documentary-variety hybrid cross national boundaries to highlight something universal: parental love.


ジョブチューン〜アノ職業のヒミツぶっちゃけます!   잡툰 ~그 직업의 비밀을 털어놓습니다!   各行各業真心話

60 and 120 min.|60 and 120 min. Series

“Professionals” from a variety of occupations voluntarily share the secrets of their trade in a new and unique job info variety program. Every “occupation” requires its own set of skills, knowledge and abilities with each harboring benefits and attractiveness unknown to the layperson. This program closes in on the secrets of professionals from the most basic questions about each occupation to rarely-known facts.

Jump out! Little Mr. Science

飛び出せ!科学くん   출동!과학군   幼幼科學家

60 min series|60 min series

This program challenges animals, nature, science, history, the mystery of the human body, and all the riddles that exist on the earth, with a child’s heart and a playful mind. Through ”explorations” into the unknown world, “experiments” full of playful elements and the like, the mystery of the earth is unraveled with the innocence of childlike ideas. It is an educational variety program that allows the audience to experience “the splendor of the earth” and “the wonder of nature” through fun conversations amongst the guests on the show.

King of Chair

キングオブチェアー   全員大風吹

60 min. x 9 eps. 90 min. x 1 eps. 120 min. x 2 ep.|12 episodes

In a twist on the classic children’s game, musical chairs, when the music stops it’s time to find the chairs.Ten contestants are on the hunt for three winning chairs among hundreds of choices. As chairs are found, the contestants sit in them to find out if the chair is a winner. If the sensor sets off a winning bell, they win one of three spots in the episode’s finale. If they hear the losing sound, look out!

Know Your Limits

限度ヲ知レ   한도를 알라   尺度知多少

Know Your Limits is a new kind of reality comedy -- a hidden camera variety show that explores the boundaries of everyday life. To find "limits," our hidden camera actors push ordinary people to the boundaries of what is considered normal. The further we can go, the funnier it gets.

Last Minute Doctor!

駆け込みドクター!運命を変える健康診断   의학 버라이어티 ~카케코미 닥터   出巡醫生

35 eps 60 & 120 min series|35 eps

This program examines from a physician’s standpoint little health signs that crop up, and what happens if left unchecked, taking a positive and proactive approach to learning about the human body in hopes of enabling all of us to live our next decades as the picture of health.

Masahiro Nakai's Smile Friday

中居正広の金曜日のスマイルたちへ   나카이 마사히로의 금요일의 스마들에게   中居大師說

5 eps more episodes will follow 60 min series|5 eps more episodes will follow

A program aimed at refreshing the spirits of woman nationwide with great stress and anxiety relieving content. Women viewers are polled on their biggest desires and aspirations, perhaps “something they’ve always wanted to do”, and then those desires are realized for them. Whether their ambitions deal with work, play or romance, here is a program to inspire, and wash away daily stress.

Money Monday

がっちりマンデー!!   갓치리 먼데이   用功星期一

30 min series|30 min series

This program lets viewers learn about money and the economy from people who are making a bundle! From global companies to small town workshops, from corporate CEOs to grandmothers with hit wonder ideas, this program uncovers a wealth of secrets to business success, all with a comedic and entertaining touch.