TBS Program Catalog

Hiroshi’s Solo Camping


“I do it for myself, not for anybody else,” says Hiroshi as he goes about satisfying his own urges in this one-man camp program.
All by himself, Hiroshi savors absolute freedom amid the splendor of nature without worrying about anyone but himself. And yet, you still are witness to him spending his time in unchecked freedom.

Why I Love My Cat


The cat boom still rages on and have become the national pet!
Each week, we visit the homes of cat lovers around the country to interview owners about their prized felines and ask them to show us their best cat photos. It’s an adorable way to satisfy any kitty fix.

Reiko Takashima’s Family Heirloom Search! What’s in your Warehouse?

高島礼子が家宝捜索!蔵の中に何がある?   다카시마 레이코가 가보를 수색한다! 창고 속에는 무엇이 있을까?   高島禮子搜索傳家寶!庫房中究竟有什麼?

60 min series|57+ eps

It has quietly guarded the histories and livelihoods of local people for centuries as living proof of past ages. Inside these warehouses lie village histories and the thoughts and feelings of its ancestors often unbeknownst to current owners. They’re treasure troves of Japan’s memorial heritage.
This program sends veteran actress, Reiko Takashima, across Japan in search of heirlooms buried in family warehouses. Including grand treasure hunts into long-unopened warehouses.Join Reiko Takashima as she makes many surprising discoveries in an emotionally moving journey into the nation’s past.

A Blissful Stroll Through Kyoto

至福の京都ふらり散歩   행복한 교토 편안한 산책   幸福之極的京都漫步

30 min: 20 eps 60 min: 3 eps|30 & 60 min series

Discover the enchantment of Kyoto through four seasons.
Take a walk through history, shop and savor delicious treats in this thousand-year capital nobody can visit often enough, and explore the depth of this beautiful city.

The World Heritage 4K Premium Edition

THE 世界遺産 4K Premium Edition   THE 세계유산 4K Premium Edition   世界遺產 4K 白金版

30 min. × 12 eps.|30 min. Series

Recorded with the most advanced visual image technology, TBS “World Heritage” has since its inception in 1996 has bemuse itself a valuable cultural property with its high-quality footage and visual documentation of mankind’s greatest treasures: UNESCO World Heritage sites. The program relaunched in June 2013 as the “The World Heritage 4K Premium Edition” focusing on expressing the sheer beauty of the world’s greatest marvels, and is Japan’s first program to be fully shot in 4K as the next generation in video technology, from photography to editing and post-production.

The Current

関口宏の風に吹かれて   세키구치 히로시의 바람에 실려   関口宏的社會教育之旅

60 min series|Eps 39

The program introduces favorable ratings among intelligent and curious viewers, airing on TBS’s satellite channel, BS-TBS. The diverse spectrum of themes extend from the latest technology in robotics and small workshops that have been the backbone of industrial Japan to the latest developments in fishing, forestry and agriculture. Hiroshi Sekiguchi leaves the studio to personally interview the people in a candid manner, giving depth and a human face to their remarkable efforts. While Sekiguchi has turned the weekend TBS news program into a mainstay for viewers since 1987, this program features a refreshing new style of documentary program by focusing on the “faces in the field.”

Bus Tour Globe -Trotting

地球バス紀行   지구버스기행   地球巴士紀行

60 min series

A trip around the world, traveling long distances to cross national borders, hopping on and off buses. We bring you a journey that you simply couldn’t experience just traveling by railway or airplane, grounded in the alleyways and lifestyles of people around the world.

Channel JAPAN

채널 재팬   日本頻道

60 min series|Series

“Channel JAPAN” is an informational program broadcast across Asia and offers a fresh look at the latest in the Japanese economy, business, trends, culture and technology. TBS announcers, and Nikkei staff writer guide viewers on a tour of cutting-edge products and services, key persons and companies, the hottest tourist destinations, and a variety of other topics that are sure to captivate viewers across the region. Discover the energy, the attractions, and the limitless business opportunities that Japan has to offer.

Enchanting Around the World: Travel by Rail

世界一周魅惑の鉄道紀行   세계일주 매혹의 철도기행   世界一周鐵道魅力紀錄之旅

60 min series|100+ eps

Do you have a desire to visit the world's best historical sites and dine at Michelin 3-star restaurants? To sip delicious wine as you stroll? To see for yourself the great pictures? And what's more, to see it all by rail? You too can taste the leisurely romance that only train travel offers from your living room, with beautiful landscapes unfolding before your eyes from your window seat in a grand introduction to resplendent people, places and feelings of wonder.

Find the WASABI!

Find the WASABI!

30 min series|29 eps 24 eps are available in English and Spanish

Who is the last surviving ninja? What is the most popular dish at the Tsukiji fish market? What are the hottest selling items in Shibuya? Which is the juiciest steak in Kyushu? “Find t he WASAB I ” has 3 attractive Asian celebrities competing to find Japan’s yummiest, best-kept secrets - introducing the tastiest food, must-visit spots, and exciting activities in a unique and comical way. Lots of laughs, adventures and tears, guaranteed! Aired on prime-time in Malaysia and Singapore, and has since been picked up by broadcasters globally.

Fishing Encyclopedia

釣り百景   낚시백경   釣魚百景

60 min series|100+ eps

Oceans! Rivers! Best-kept Secrets!
In search of great fishing spots, nature and interesting people , this program travels the world on a fishing adventure.
A tale of human drama in the world of fishing!
Celebrities and luminaries from various fields join expert anglers.
A must-see for hardcore fishing fans!


FURUSATO   FURUSATO~從宇宙看到的地球   후루사토

38 min × 1ep|1 ep

Since 2006, the Japanese Advanced Land Observation Satellite, DAICHI, has been observing World Heritage sites from space with three high-tech sensors. It has inspired this film, which uses images of World Heritage sites taken from space and here on Earth with a 4K digital camera. The original script is written by Kundo Koyama , winner of an 81st Academy Award for Okuribito (The Departures).

Getting to Know Beautiful Japan

美しい日本に出会う旅   아름다운 일본을 만나는 여행   探索日本之美的旅程

60 min series

So much of Japan’s natural and traditional beauty remains largely unknown. Picturesque townscapes, rows of merchant homes. Noble mansions of the samurai. Deep bamboo forests and cobblestone roads. Tasty delicacies and handicrafts known only to locals. This program sets out along the old highways to rediscover ageless “Japanese beauty”.
On long traversed-roads that multiply, there is history and romance.
There is the breath of life. Embark on a journey down numerous highways and byways in search of beautiful Japan.

Giant Bugs: An Ant's Eye View of the World

アリの目で見た昆虫王国   개미의 눈으로 본 곤충왕국   螞蟻眼裏的昆蟲王國

2 eps 30 min series|2 eps

This documentary features stunning 4K close-up footage of insects. It was filmed with a microscope camera specially designed by Satoshi Kuribayashi, that we call the Ant’s Eye View Camera - the first and only one in the world. The director of photography is Satoshi Kuribayashi, a Japanese nature photographer who was awarded the Lennart Nilsson Award for his outstanding photography in 2006.


イイよね!JAPAN   좋아요! JAPAN   日本真是好

30 min series|Eps 8

Asia’s prettiest, pickiest, shopping-loving Princess and her maid make a surprise visit to Japan!
This hilarious travelogue follows the unexpected spins and turns of the Princess and her maid on their journey to find Japan’s most fabulous gourmet foods, fashion, art and scenic spots!
The coolest places to shop! Savory and sweet gourmet food!! Awesome scenic spots that you want to visit RIGHT NOW! …Here’s the trip to JAPAN every Princess DREAMS for!!!

Dress up in a kimono, and start off your journey with purple potato ice cream, dorayaki, melon bread and okonomiyaki… with hot and crispy croissant taiyaki for dessert!

Enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji while sampling… matcha tea, rice dumplings, mochi waffles and parfaits, fresh grape juice, raisin sandwiches and Hoto noodles!

Learn about the history of Sendai at Aoba Castle ruins and the Lord Date statue… then make your tummy happy with ox tongue grill, edamade parfait, takoyaki and fresh fish!

Take a sightseeing boat, enjoy scenic shrines and visit the matchmaking bridge. Munch on rice crackers before… fresh sushi at the fish market, and steamed oysters!

Appreciate relaxing country life, and indulge in… Dando beef steak, legendary rice, rice bread, curry rice, and eggs and vegetables straight from the farm!

Visit Ise Shrine, the shrine to the sun goddess Amaterasu, and dine extravagantly on Iseshima shrimp, special charshew ramen, mikan juice and red bean zenzai!

Bask in the illumination of 13-million lightbulbs, tour Earl Chocolat’s mansion, the flower ice café and the cheese market… and don’t miss the cheese fondue!

Drop by Dejima wharf… then feast on Chinese snacks, bubble tea, stewed pork buns, chanpon noodles, red snapper and a jumbo parfait at Nagasaki Shinichi Chinatown!!!

Japan Heritage

日本遺産   일본유산   日本遺產

30 & 60 min series Season1: 11eps Season2: 6eps Season3: 7eps Season4: 1eps|30 & 60 min series

Japan has a rich cultural heritage , both tangible and intangible, some of which are designated National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. They are a legacy of the history that makes Japan what it is today. This series is the first to capture those nationally designated as Japan Heritage in 4K. Each 30-minute episode includes two Japan Heritage sites, giving viewers an unfiltered look at Japan’s exotic traditions and enthralling ancient festivals little-known outside of Japan.

Kawaii Style

カワイイスタイル   카와이이 스타일   哈日時尚風

30 min. x 20 eps.|30 min. Series

Here for the pleasure of the stylish and tuned-in, information-hungry working set of popular Asian powerhouse, Singapore, is the first jointly-produced, Japan-Singapore television program aimed at disseminating "Japanese trends and culture" including Tokyo's latest fashions, trendiest streets and long queue-generating confectionaries. Hosted by Singapore's leading actress, Joanne Peh, who in her first trip to Japan brings her perfect sense of style and cool to latest Japanese couture!


PRIME JAPAN 日本のこころに出会う   PRIME JAPAN 일본의 정신을 만나다   PRIME JAPAN 日本心相會

12 eps 60 min series|12 eps

A series of in-depth reporting in pursuit of "Japan's Heart" by taking up themes ranging from sushi, sake, Japanese sword and other traditional cultural elements, to design, products and other items that add color to Japan of today, in 4K UHD.

RAKUEN The Secret of Paradise

RAKUEN 三好和義と巡る楽園の旅   RAKUEN 미요시 카즈요시와 함께 하는 낙원 여행   RAKUEN 與三好和義巡游的樂園旅行紀

12 eps 40 min series|12 eps

Kazuyoshi Miyoshi has published photo collections on Tahiti, Maldives, Seychelles, Hawaii and other paradises. In this
series, accompanied by beautiful models, Miyoshi revisits those paradise beaches, forest s and World Heritages, discovering the Secrets of Paradise as he roams about freely.
Captured in 4K UHD.

Rediscovering the Incas:The Empire that Lived with Mummies

インカ新発見への旅 〜ミイラと生きた帝国〜   잉카 신발견으로의 여행 ~미이라와 함께 한 제국~   探索印加 ~ 與木乃伊共舞的帝國

55 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

For many, the Incan Empire conjures up images of exquisitely-masoned buildings, the terraced Andenes fields, and Incan gold. But how did this remarkable civilization grow to such incredible heights of power and influence in just over one century without the technologies of iron, the wheel or a written language? Travel along with the world’s leading experts from various scientific fields as they bring their own disciplinary approaches and expertise to solving some of the world’s greatest mysteries. When did the Incan Empire originate?
What compelled them toward such precision masonry and obsession with geometric patterns? What is the significance to the pairing of its kero cups, the rule of mummy emperors, and the horrific child sacrifices atop the Andean peaks? Learn how cutting edge, scientific research is bringing us closer to real answers.

SAKABA: Bar Hopping Report by Rui Yoshida

吉田類の酒場放浪記   요시다 루이의 술집방랑기   吉田類的酒場放浪記

15 min series|100+ eps

This is a unique program that introduces “izakayas” (Japanese-style bars) in downtown Tokyo, where “any adult can drop by alone when ever he feels like it.” One izakaya began as a food stall 80 years ago, another one serves raw pork guts… Every izakaya serves its own unique variety of Japanese sake and dishes, and viewers can enjoy watching the reality of the dramatic lives of its people. The program features the wonderful drinking experiences of illustrator Rui Yoshida and offers an introduction to the humanity of the people of downtown Tokyo.

SAKABA: Bar Hopping Women

おんな酒場放浪記   여성 술집방랑기   女人們的酒場放浪記

15 min series|100+ eps

A female edition of the popular “SAKABA: Bar Hopping Report by Rui Yoshida” for women. Since first airing in 2003, the “SAKABA: Bar Hopping Report by Rui Yoshida” team has introduced viewers to some 500 drinking holes across the country and reported on over 1,500. But this time, drink loving women foray into the “middle aged male world” by hitting the program’s hand-picked establishments.

Short Filler Series

短編フィラーシリーズ   단편 필러시리즈   短編特集

3 min series|4 eps

4K footage edited using high - spec post - production equipment , such as drone shot s of beautiful natural landscapes, and glimpses into a summer garden in Kyoto.
Can be used for TV broadcast and for various other media.


タビフク。   타비후쿠   本節目全程由4K 技術拍攝。

50 episodes

Top female celebrities, models, singers and actresses - popular among women in their 20s - travel the country accompanied by true life friends in this candid travel program with a fashionable twist. The travelers venture to destinations that are currently soaring in popularity among young women, including the Okinawa mainland, outlying islands, Kyoto, Izumo and Karuizawa, and so on. What kind of travel do fashionable women do? What do they wear? From conversations about style to private lives, get a glimpse into the roots of their beauty. A must-see show for the fashion-conscious!
All episodes are shot in 4K.

The Doorway to Dreams +

夢の扉+   꿈의 문+   夢想之窗

15 & 30 min series|Eps 70

We want to make the world a better place!
People giving their all; people with lofty aspirations and burning passions, all trying to carve out their futures are plentiful in Japan. Here is an introduction to dedicated people of various fields of endeavor driven by fervent desire and deep vision to create an ideal society for the happiness of others and of those around them. It is a documentary that gives encouragement to the world with moving stories about dreams, people and information.

The Dream Key

夢の鍵   夢的鑰匙(THE DREAM KEY)   꿈의 열쇠

15 min series|13+ eps

A documentary focusing on Japan’s distinctive “monozukuri” philosophy of craftsmanship, and the passionate people who live and work by i t . How is this particular style of manufacturing evolving to suit the world in the 21st century?
With detailed examination of some of the ardent leaders of this particularly Japanese brand of manufacturing since the post -war e ra, viewers get an understanding of the “monozukuri” tradition today and where it is being taken into the future through a report that will invigorate and energize viewers.

The Voyage of World Spectacles

地球絶景紀行/新・地球絶景紀行   지구절경기행   地球絶景紀行

60min × 100+ eps |Eps 100+

In this program, the narrator, a wayfarer, travels around the globe and introduces spectacular sceneries that are encountered along the way. Not only does it deliver all the magnificent landscapes of the places; the ecology of the wildlife that inhabit them and the activities of all things in nature, as well as the daily lives of local people are all thoroughly conveyed.

The World Heritage

THE 世界遺産   세계유산   世界遺產

30 min. Series more episodes will follow|Series

TBS’s ”World Heritage,” is a 30-minute weekly documentary series that is registered by UNESCO under Natural Heritage, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Sciences. The program started in spring, 1996, and over a span of 10 years has covered about 560 topics around the world. To better convey the grandeur of these treasures of the world, TBS has shot the series in High-Definition. High quality images, impeccable narrative, and beautiful music...the elements are simple and straightforward. The producers feel that this style of presentation works best to visually document and preserve the wonders of the world, and continue to do so to this day.