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映画 「劇場版『新幹線変形ロボ シンカリオン 未来からきた神速のALFA-X』」   극장판 『신칸센 변형 로봇 신카리온 미래에서 온 신속의 ALFA-X』   劇場版《新幹線變形機器人 SHINKALION從未來而來的神速ALFA-X》

79 min

Feature film adaptation of the popular TV anime, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion. JR East Japan’s prototype bullet train ALFA-X, the most advanced model to date, transforms on screen into superhero robot, Shinkalion, introducing new characters and answering such questions as “How did the ALFA-X became Shinkalion?” And “Who’s the new kid?”

Story behind TV Anime Shinkansen Henkei Robot Shinkalion
The Shinkansen Super Advancement Research Institute has developed the “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion” in an effort to save Japan from a threatening and monstrous entity that has produced a menacing “Jet Black Shinkansen“. Meanwhile, the Shinkalion transformer can only be piloted by children with a high degree of compatibility to it, but the institute’s researchers are determined to pool their strengths and vanquish this giant enemy. What however is the true purpose of the Jet Black Shinkasen? “Change! Shinkalion!”

TOMICA Hyper Rescue Police DRIVE HEAD The Movie

映画ドライブヘッド~トミカハイパーレスキュー 機動救急警察~   드라이브 헤드 ~ 토미카 하이퍼 레스큐 기동구급경찰 ~   多美卡超救援 DRIVEHEAD 機動救急警察

57 min.

The Hyper Rescue Police team are under attack by an enigmatic youth named Tera, who, as it turns out, has been possessed by an evil artificial intelligence. It is an android wielding a powerful energy force capable of rendering Drivehead inoperable by Go and his team members. Tera grows to enormous size, threatening the world by swallowing up all in its path. An emergency response team springs to action at an unprecedented level to reactivate Drivehead. Can Go and his fellow heroes save the world and loved ones from an existential threat?

CatChat DokiDoki CHALLENGE!

ドキドキチャレンジ!   도키도키 챌린지   CatChat DokiDoki 大冒险!

15 min × 16 eps "MeowTube" videos (for social media)] 25 sec × 14 eps|Eps 16

Curious and adventurous, CHAT is aiming to become the top star on "MeowTube." With help from his friends FLUFFY (polar bear) and SPICY (hedgehog), CHAT explores different parts of Japan and takes on unique and daring activities, to create an exciting MeowTube video that will garner the most ‘LIKES’ !
CHAT’s challenges also introduce a variety of Japanese food, culture and activities, to engage family viewers of all ages. Hybrid live-action/anime edu-travelogue series.


新幹線変形ロボ シンカリオン   신카리온   新幹線變形機器人 SHINKALION

30 min × 76 eps

A young boy and railfan, Hayato, accidentally discovers that his father is part of a secret organization that combats mysterious beings with Shinkalions, bullet trains that turn into giant robots. Hayato shows a surprising amount of aptitude as a Shinkalion pilot, having used an application on his father's tablet that he mistook for a mobile game. They soon realize kids make the best Shinkalion pilots and Hayato joins several other kids in using the Shinkalions to battle these giant life forms that randomly appear throughout Japan and threaten their cities.

TOMICA Hyper Rescue Police DRIVE HEAD

トミカハイパーレスキュー ドライブヘッド 機動救急警察   드라이브 헤드   機動警察救援隊(機動救急警察)

30 min. × 37 eps.|37 episodes

A little bit in the future, the government has established a brand new organization with the purpose of rescuing lives to respond to the increasingly complicated and varied types of disasters, accidents and crimes that go beyond human comprehension. It is called the “Mobile Emergency Police DRIVE HEAD” force combining specialized police, firefighting and rescue skills. “DRIVE HEAD” is an advanced mobile device that transforms in form factor from car to humanoid walker vehicle. The drivers are high-aptitude, grade school students such as Go Kurumada who collaborate with mobile emergency police adults and rush to crisis situations to secure public safety and preserve the peace for all!


カミワザワンダ   카미와자 완다   神技・旺達

30 min. x 46 eps.|46 episodes

Unbeknownst to most humans, every task they carry out is programmed, and it is thanks to mysterious creatures called “Promin” working in the background, that the world keeps functioning smoothly.
But an evil entity called Bugdeth has come to Earth seeking to create negative energy by causing bugs in the programs which will ultimately allow him to materialize in our world. Soon his minions, the Bug Bites, are turning the Promin into bugs in the system called “Bugmin.” These Bugmin wreak havoc and cause mischief. Suddenly people’s cars won’t stop, or they can’t lock their door!
Luckily, the King of a distant world has sent his son “Wanda” (the space dog?) to save Earth from Bugdeth, but he’ll need to find some help first. That is when Yuto, our reluctant hero appears.
Now Wanda must convince Yuto to help him capture and dubug the Bugmin using the two key items for such a purpose: a special flashlight and camera. Once Yuto is on board they can together capture and clean Bugmin to gain access to that Promin’s special abilities, called “Kamiwaza,” to fight other Bugmin!
Can this boy and dog(?) work together to save the Earth?


ゴキブリちゃん   고키짱   蟑螂也瘋狂

2 min. x 20 eps.|20 episodes

Meet the Yamato kids! Gokiburi-chan is full of courage and daring, but it tends to get him into trouble. Gururu, is the gourmet and never leaves home without his fork and knife. Tororo is a little slow, but always tries his best to keep up with the others. Gao is the biggest and can't but be a bit bossy. Kiriri, the only girl of the group, has the most energy and tackles any problem with speed and gusto. They're just like any other kids, except they live behind a refrigerator... their roaches! They really want to make friends with the humans of the house, but the mother of the household always seems to be out to get them. So the kids put their heads together to figure out a way to communicate their good intentions by trying to do nice things for their human hosts with varying degrees of success! Can't we all just get along?


ちっちゃな雪使いシュガー   눈의 요정 슈가   甜心雪使

30 min. x 24 eps. 30 min. x 2 special eps.|26 episodes

In a fantasy world where fairies control the natural elements unbeknownst to the human world, an unlikely pair is formed. Saga, an independent and principled 11 year-old girl, finds her world turned upside down when she discovers a tiny fairy named Sugar. Sugar is a young snow fairy in training, and is quite surprised that Saga can see her. No one is more surprised than Saga though, but Saga soon wonders if being able to see Sugar is such a good thing. Fairies are prone to joke and play, and Sugar is no different, messing up Saga's well-structured life in no time. But fairies like Sugar have a structure to their lives as well. They all have a flower of magic which they must cultivate by collecting the mysterious 'kirameki.' Just when Saga has had enough of Sugar's antics, Sugar's flower of magic plants itself right in Saga's room! Now the two are stuck with each other and must learn to bridge the gap between their two personalities and their two worlds. With humor and adventure, no one will want to miss this warm and magical story that teaches children the value of friendship and working toward one's goals.

Let’s Go Quintuplets!

ゴーゴー五つ子ら・ん・ど   고 ! 고 ! 다섯 쌍둥이 랜드   元氣五胎胞

30 min. x 50 eps.|50 episodes

With appearances and personalities so different, no one can believe these kids are related, much less born on the same day! Fights and arguments are par for the course, but when they are in trouble they are sure to stick together. Mom, Dad, and even the family dog are sure to get drawn into their inevitable antics which are a guaranteed source of laughter for all.

Power Stone

パワーストーン   파워 스톤   寶石

30 min. x 26 eps.|26 episodes

In the early 19th century, a colorful cast of characters from across the globe for reasons good and evil find themselves bound by the common goal of pursuing the ancient legend of the "power stones." A power stone is said to fulfill wishes and release hidden power from within those that possess them and amplify the good or evil intrinsic to that character's nature. The main character Falcon, a dauntless adventurer from Britain, must compete and sometimes cooperate with the others searching for this ancient treasure. Based on the Capcom game of the same name, this fantasy adventure title tells the tale of the pursuit for legendary power in a world filled with action, magic, and mystery.

Goemon - Legend of the Mystical Ninja

アニメがんばれゴエモン   힘내라 고에몽   加油五右衛門

30 min. x 23 eps.|23 episodes

Leaping from the virtual dimension of video games and into the world of humans comes Goemon, an energetic ninja with special abilities that draw their power from his sweet bean cakes. Goemon and his comical band of friends cross over into reality to chase the evil overlord Maguamuge who has entered our world to exploit it for his evil purposes. But with the help of their 10-year-old pal Tsukasa, in whose home they live, Goemon and his faithful companions work to rid the human world of this video game menace.

Kiko's Smile

きこちゃんすまいる   기코의 미소   酷妹當家

30 min. x 51 eps.|51 episodes

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of....well, except for this little girl. Take a liberal dose of smarts, stir in a cup of spunk, a heaping spoonful of independence, a whole lot of attitude and you get... KIKO: An adult mind in a five year old's body. She cooks, she cleans, she does the shopping, she operates complex machinery, she sculpts works of art, she's a Bonsai master- basically, she can do it all. The only problem is she still gets treated like a kid. And, boy, does it bug her! Kiko befuddles her father, mystifies her mother and terrifies her teacher. Other adults that Kiko meets consistently underestimate her, at their peril. Sure, she has friends her own age, but everyone knows that she's clearly in a league of her own. Even her nervous cat senses it.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

少年サンタの大冒険   소년 산타클로스의 대모험   小年聖誕的冒險故事

30 min. x 26 eps.|26 episodes

Based on a book by L. Frank Baum, famed author of the "Wizard of Oz" series, The Adventures of Young Santa Claus tells the story of Santa Claus as a child and youth before becoming the world-renowned saint of Christmas. Filled with the loves, dreams, and adventures of a boy growing up, this skillfully drawn animation presents the answers to children's most perplexing questions, such as why Santa Claus delivers Christmas presents around the world, how he is able to do it all in one day, and why he rides a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Discoveries abound for every generation in the heartwarming adventures of the young Santa, his cat, fairies and reindeer.



English with Friends Advanced 1: 58 min × 1 ep English with Friends Advanced 2: 61 min x 1 ep CatChat for Babies: 36 min x 1 ep CatChat with Friends DX: 13 min x 26 ep|Eps 29

Amusingly different from traditional educational programs, CatChat presents humorous "edu-variety" content to the young child. With its brief and variety-filled format, CatChat makes it easy for children to participate in games, sing and dance in tune to its action songs, and watch its animations again and again. CatChat helps children acquire basic English while having lots of fun, and is the perfect tool for a young audience in the imortant growth period of zero to ten.


OH! MY コンブ   OH! MY 콘부   美食小專家

30 min. × 22 eps|22 episodes

Fifth-grader Konbu Nabeyama is the son of a cook in a slice-of-life gourmet comedy that tries to add an element of adventure to slaving in the kitchen. Konbu helps his father solve problems in the world through the judicious use of seasonings, the right choice of menu, and the pleasing of fickle customers.

Fun & Study in the Marvel of Beginnings

まんがはじめて面白塾   매혹 학원   有趣的漫畫教室

15 min. x 208 eps.|208 episodes

Even the most common conveniences—from the mail system and airplanes, to simpler tools such as erasers and pencils—started somewhere. And each starting point holds a fascinating tale of dreams, hard work and often unexpected stories of how things began, viewers will rediscover the wonder behind what we have come to take for granted.

This Is Why I, II

まんがなるほど物語/新・まんがなるほど物語   왜 그럴까 ? I, II   告訴我,為什麼? I, II

Part1: 15 min. x 186 eps. Part2: 15 min. x 75 eps.|261 episodes

This program focuses on things we encounter every day, including our environment, the weather, and common products and machinery we couldn't imagine living without. Why do deserts form? What causes thunder? How does an airplane fly? Why do we catch colds?

How It All Started

まんがはじめて物語   사물의 시작 이야기   告訴我,如何開始?

Original Series: 15 min. x 454 eps. Special: 30 min. x 23 eps. Remastered Version Series: 30 min. x 227 eps. / Special: 30 min. x 23 eps.|477 episodes

It is easy to take for granted today's many modern conveniences. This fascinating program takes us back to the beginning of many such products and reawakens some of the wonder in how it all started.

Romantic Music Theater Animation Series

名曲ロマン劇場   낭만 음악 극장 시리즈   羅曼名曲劇場

Julie in Wild Roses: 30min. x 13 eps. Isabelle in Paris: 30min. x 13 eps. Blonde Hair Jenny: 30min. x 13 eps. Lonely Nel: 30min. x 26 eps.|65 episodes

Each of the four stories follows the journey of a young girl entering the unsettling yet promising age of adolescence, when love, friendship, trust, courage and the pursuit of one's own dreams becomes the main pursuit in life. Children will especially enjoy the music, which is drawn from classical sources such as Schubert and Chopin, as well as popular folk songs from Scotland and Ireland. In sight and sound, each story is an enthralling experience that children will treasure.

The How & Why

まんがどうして物語   어떻게 ? 왜 ?   樣樣知漫畫

15 min. x 180 eps.|180 episodes

Why is seawater salty? What causes volcanoes to erupt? Why don't man-made satellites fall from the sky? What makes people sleepy? Answers to these questions and more are in this animated title which explores topics of nature, customs, and technology.