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I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN イイよね!JAPAN   좋아요! JAPAN   日本真是好



I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN,イイよね!JAPAN,좋아요! JAPAN,日本真是好
I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN,イイよね!JAPAN,좋아요! JAPAN,日本真是好

8 episodes


30 min.

Licence | Rights


Asia’s prettiest, pickiest, shopping-loving Princess and her maid make a surprise visit to Japan!
This hilarious travelogue follows the unexpected spins and turns of the Princess and her maid on their journey to find Japan’s most fabulous gourmet foods, fashion, art and scenic spots!
The coolest places to shop! Savory and sweet gourmet food!! Awesome scenic spots that you want to visit RIGHT NOW! …Here’s the trip to JAPAN every Princess DREAMS for!!!

Dress up in a kimono, and start off your journey with purple potato ice cream, dorayaki, melon bread and okonomiyaki… with hot and crispy croissant taiyaki for dessert!

Enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji while sampling… matcha tea, rice dumplings, mochi waffles and parfaits, fresh grape juice, raisin sandwiches and Hoto noodles!

Learn about the history of Sendai at Aoba Castle ruins and the Lord Date statue… then make your tummy happy with ox tongue grill, edamade parfait, takoyaki and fresh fish!

Take a sightseeing boat, enjoy scenic shrines and visit the matchmaking bridge. Munch on rice crackers before… fresh sushi at the fish market, and steamed oysters!

Appreciate relaxing country life, and indulge in… Dando beef steak, legendary rice, rice bread, curry rice, and eggs and vegetables straight from the farm!

Visit Ise Shrine, the shrine to the sun goddess Amaterasu, and dine extravagantly on Iseshima shrimp, special charshew ramen, mikan juice and red bean zenzai!

Bask in the illumination of 13-million lightbulbs, tour Earl Chocolat’s mansion, the flower ice café and the cheese market… and don’t miss the cheese fondue!

Drop by Dejima wharf… then feast on Chinese snacks, bubble tea, stewed pork buns, chanpon noodles, red snapper and a jumbo parfait at Nagasaki Shinichi Chinatown!!!

귀엽지만 이기적인 쇼핑을 좋아하는 아시아의 공주와귀여운 여자로 보이지만 사실은 남자인 메이드가 일본의 매력을 찾아 따나는 여행. 두사람의 뒤죽박죽 기이한 여행을 통해 일본의 맛있는 음식과 패션, 아름다운관광지를 소개한다.
최첨단의 쇼핑센터, 맛있는 음식, 멋진 경치! 세계의모든 공주들이 꿈꾸는 일본여행을 이곳에서 만날 수있다.

可愛又任性,喜愛逛街的亞洲公主和看似女生的男僕一起探索日本的大街小巷。 不管是最新的購物情報,美食小吃,或者是風光明媚的觀光景點,讓全世界的公主們一起分享日本的魅力!

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