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American Ninja Warrior 아메리칸 닌자 워리어   美國忍者戰士



American Ninja Warrior,아메리칸 닌자 워리어,美國忍者戰士
American Ninja Warrior,아메리칸 닌자 워리어,美國忍者戰士

122 episodes


Season 1(2009) : 30 min. x 8 eps.
Season 2(2010) : 60 min. x 10 eps.
Season 3(2011) : 60 min. x 8 eps. / 120 min x 1 ep.
Season 4(2012) : 60 min x 21 eps. / 120 min x 3 eps.
Season 5(2013) : 60 min x 18 eps. / 120 min x 4 eps.
Season 6(2014) : 120 min x 14 eps. / 180 min x 1 ep.
Season 7(2015) : 120 min x 16 eps. / 180 min x 2 eps.
Season 8(Available 2017) : 120 min x 14 eps. / 180 min x 2 eps.

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American competitors try to do what few others have, conquer Mount Midoriyama.
Seasons 1, 2 and 3 each begin with hundreds of hopefuls who compete for a chance to travel to Japan to prove themselves on the world's most difficult obstacle course. The latest season takes place entirely in America, beginning with competitions in six different regions and culminating in Las Vegas where an exact duplicate of the four stage Mount Midoriyama has been constructed.

미국인에 의한 완전재패가 실현되지 못한 난공불락의 사스케 4번째 스테이지.
시즌1〜3에서는 수백명의 미국예선을 통과한 출연자가 사스케의 본고장 일본에서 세계최난관의 코스상에서 자신의 실력을 증명할 기회가 주어진다.
새로운 시즌4의 무대는 미국으로 옮겨진다. 6개 지역의 예선을 걸쳐 승자만이 라스베가스로 모인다. 일본과 같은 레벨로 재현된 난관코스에 임한다.


★ Nominated Outstanding Reality-Competition in 2016 Emmys
★ Aired on G4 and NBC in primetime in the same season
★ #1 rating in adults 18-49 steadily increased in its timeslot throughout the season

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