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Shigeru Yazaki (矢崎滋)

Rin Izumi, Obstetrician: Charts of Life

産科医・和泉凛〜生と死のカルテ   산과의・이즈미 린 ~생과 사의 카르테   婦產科醫師

120 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Three years ago, obstetrician Rin Izumi had a miscarriage, losing the child she and her husband, Keita, had finally conceived after 10 years of trying. It resulted in the removal of Rin’s uterus and estrangement with her husband who as a chocolatier left to work in Paris. They hadn’t seen each other since. “We need to talk about the future,” he says one day informing her of his plans to return home. With confusion in her own life mounting, Rin encounters challenges at work including a pregnant woman formerly treated elsewhere whose baby is born premature. When DNA tests reveal the child to be neither hers nor her husband’s, something is terribly amiss.

A School Behind Bars

塀の中の中学校   담장안의 중학교   監獄裡的中學

150 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Although Junpei is aiming to become a professional photographer, he has just completed a five-year teaching post at a reform school. His next assignment is deputy homeroom teacher at a prison school. Junpei will be working alongside senior teacher, Miyake. The students of the prison school are all convicted felons. Those who have not yet finished compulsory education but show the will to learn and have a clean slate of behavior in prison are the conditions for admission to the school. However, the screening process is strict, and only those judged worthy by the admissions committee are permitted to take 14 subjects and study for seven hours a day. The students are something of a motley crew and this drama traces not only their rocky path to graduation but also how Junpei grows through coming into contact with them.

Tales of a Personal Effects Examiner, Aiko Tanizaki

遺品整理人谷崎藍子   유품정리인 타니자키 아이코   遺物整理者

120 min. x 4 eps.|4 episodes

Companies specializing in the settlement of estate or personal affects have gar-nered close attention in recent years along with the rise in numbers of solitary and unattended deaths. Aiko Tanizaki is an employee at one such company who rather than simply dispatching the belongings left behind by the deceased takes an inter-est in finding out about who they were, what they were like and the lives they led. It leads to a reexamination of values and sometimes a reestablishment of bonds be-tween the dead and their estranged family. Here is a mystery and suspense-filled drama depicting the careful process by which protagonist Aiko examines the things left behind by the dead, following up on the doubts and questions they raise, often discovering messages the departed hoped to convey, and even solving mysteries behind murder and suicide.