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Rena Tanaka (田中麗奈 )

For Love

恋   사랑   戀

135 min x 1 ep|1 episode

The year is 1972. Fumiko is a very ordinary college student working a part-time job translating English literature where she meets university professor, Shintaro Katase and his wife, Hinako. She finds herself “enamored” with them. But the appearance of a young man named Katsuya Okubo leads to the destruction of those feelings. On one fateful day, Fumiko shoots Okubo to death in a violent incident that renders Professor Katase paralyzed from the waist down. His wife had witnessed the scene, but never speaks of it, allowing Fumiko to shoulder the blame. Fumiko does so willingly to keep a certain secret. 40 years later, in 2013, a reporter named Mit-suhiko Torikai is reexamining the case, trying to find out what really happened. Finishing a long sentence, Fumiko, who now suffers from terminal cancer, decides to bare her soul at last and reveal the secrets she’s kept locked away for so long.