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Yutaka Mizutani (水谷豊)

Born in:



  • Human
120 min. x 5 eps.|5 episodes


居酒屋もへじ   이자카야 모헤지   居酒屋Moheji

120 min. x 5 eps.|5 episodes

A human relations drama with a comedic touch set in a small “izakaya” tavern that caters only to regular patrons, The Tavern centers on the daily life of its chef owner, his family, the clientele and a new female customer. 초면고객 사절인 작은술집에 홀연히 찾아온 여자손님, 점주와 가족, 그리고 가게의 단골들에 의한 코믹 인생극. 1.『이자카야 모헤...