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Atsuko Takahata (高畑淳子)

High School Chorus

表参道高校合唱部   오모테산도 고교합창부   表参道高校合唱部

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Tokyo metropolitan Omotesando Senior High School is lorded over by a group of popular kids dubbed “the first team.” The rest of the student body either fall into the “second team” or lower, “the outsiders.” One day, a transfer student arrives at the school from the remote countryside as an unlikely heroine who “loves to sing!” The high school used to have one of the country’s best choruses, but is now facing the threat of closure. But the story’s heroine is determined to resuscitate the chorus and sets out to recruit new members. Fighting off a storm of ridicule and booing, she gradually begins to win allies to her cause with single-minded passion and hard work. What begins as a ragtag collection of misfits in a dorky glee club crescendos to a refreshing and bittersweet spring-of-youth drama!


パパドル!   파파는 아이돌   我的爸爸是偶像

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Are romance and marriage really off limits for a television idol? Playing himself in this satirical drama, true-life idol Ryo Nishikido falls in love with a single mother of three children and then goes and marries her! When his talent agency finds out, they give him an ultimatum - he has 3 months to nullify the marriage or retire from the public eye. And if the truth should get out in the meantime, his career is immediately through! No one else knows; not his fans, not even fellow members of his idol group. So Ryo struggles with a helter skelter life of being a high-profile celebrity, a husband and a new-minted father. It’s a sure recipe for disaster, but the journey just may help deepen family and group member bonds.

Tales of a Personal Effects Examiner, Aiko Tanizaki

遺品整理人谷崎藍子   유품정리인 타니자키 아이코   遺物整理者

120 min. x 4 eps.|4 episodes

Companies specializing in the settlement of estate or personal affects have gar-nered close attention in recent years along with the rise in numbers of solitary and unattended deaths. Aiko Tanizaki is an employee at one such company who rather than simply dispatching the belongings left behind by the deceased takes an inter-est in finding out about who they were, what they were like and the lives they led. It leads to a reexamination of values and sometimes a reestablishment of bonds be-tween the dead and their estranged family. Here is a mystery and suspense-filled drama depicting the careful process by which protagonist Aiko examines the things left behind by the dead, following up on the doubts and questions they raise, often discovering messages the departed hoped to convey, and even solving mysteries behind murder and suicide.

The Perfect Path for Two 2

夫婦道 2   부부도2   夫婦道2

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

The Perfect Path for Two returns to the humble, day-to-day struggles of a married couple striving to raise a family and run a small tea plantation, evocatively describing the many trials and tribulations between a husband and a wife, parents and their children, siblings, and neighbors. The series picks up two years after three of the daughters had left in quick succession to get married. And now they’ve returned home with a host of marital issues to resolve.

The Perfect Path for Two

夫婦道   부부도   夫婦道

60 min x 11 ep|11 episodes

The weddings of the three daughters of the Takanabe family engaged in tea growing and processing, the succession of the Takanabe tea business that has been passed down over generations, conflicts between the couple regarding these issues, and so on… This is a sitcom depicting the human drama of the family full of laughter and tears.
In contrast to many recent TV dramas that tend to lose touch with the day-to-dayness of life, this one is designed to be “an orthodox domestic drama” like one of those classic TBS domestic dramas.