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Kazuma Sano (佐野和真)

Tales of Terror "Recollection"

怪談新耳袋「記憶」   괴담신이대 「기억」   怪談新耳袋「記憶」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

After working their part-time jobs at a family restaurant, Shingo, Satoru and Yoshinori decide to visit a noted haunted spot. Convinced that they experienced something supernatural, they are returning home from the spot in a car when Yoshinori suddenly gets swallowed up by the backseat and simply vanishes. Shingo and Satoru are beside themselves until they find out from their boss and Yoshinori's supposed family members that their friend never existed.


ニュータイプ 〜ただ愛のために〜   New Type ~사랑을 위해   新典型~ 只為愛情

92 min.

Yuri, who works at the ticket window at a ferry terminal, is one-eyed.
One day, she is held at knifepoint and locked away in captivity by an enigmatic man named Kwon, who has missed a ferry.
At the very moment Yuri secretly tries to place a phone call, the telephone catches fire and explodes. Yuri wonders what is happening but immediately leans that Kwon has supernatural powers.
As Kwon and Yuri become closer to each other, Yuri’s friend, Akiyama, accidentally finds the secret of Yuri’s supernatural power. Yuri has the ability to go back in time. As the price for her supernatural ability, Yuri becomes blind in one eye. In the meantime, Kwon gets shot by mysterious men. Yuri, who has started feeling affection for Kwon, tries to save him using her special power again, but…..


東京少女   도쿄소녀   東京少女

98 min.

Miho is a ordinary senior high school girl dreaming of becoming a science fiction writer in the future. One day, an earthquake hits her area, and Miho drops and loses her cell phone out of her hand. It is Japan about a hundred years ago. Tokijiro Miyata, who is a pupil of one of the leading Japanese writers, Soseki Natsume, and is hoping to become a writer himself, is about to walk out of a publisher disappointed because his story has been rejected once again today. At that very moment, an earthquake occurs. When the tremors stop, something falls down from the ceiling. It was Miho’s cell phone. The cell phone can be connected to the other person only when the moon is visible. As Tokijiro and Miho talk on the phone, the two become attracted to each other. But the time for a farewell comes suddenly. The battery of the cell phone will only last a little more. The two enjoy dating over the phone across the time periods within their limited time. Then Miho happens to know that a sad fate is waiting for Tokijiro…..

Over-the-Shoulder Lover


65 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 8 eps.|9 episodes

Tales of Terror "Cow Woman"

怪談新耳袋「牛おんな」   괴담신이대「소여자」   怪談新耳袋「牛女」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

The cow woman is believed to be the sign of a huge catastrophe that is about to occur. It is said that she dies when the catastrophe is over. In some regions, the cow woman is worshiped as a prophet who warns of future misfortune. Asuka, who has joined a training camp, decides to head off to the site of an unsolved murder together with her four classmates. It is there that they find an isolated house where they manage to be let in by making up an excuse. However, once inside...