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Saori Koide (小出早織)

Tales of Terror "Cow Woman"

怪談新耳袋「牛おんな」   괴담신이대「소여자」   怪談新耳袋「牛女」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

The cow woman is believed to be the sign of a huge catastrophe that is about to occur. It is said that she dies when the catastrophe is over. In some regions, the cow woman is worshiped as a prophet who warns of future misfortune. Asuka, who has joined a training camp, decides to head off to the site of an unsolved murder together with her four classmates. It is there that they find an isolated house where they manage to be let in by making up an excuse. However, once inside...

Tales of Terror "Men in Black"

怪談新耳袋「黒い男たち」   괴담신이대「검은 남자들」   怪談新耳袋「黑男」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Kyoka, a university student, receives an old brown envelope in which she finds a photograph of her classmate, Sachiko. With this, she also finds a mysterious message saying “Help me”. One day, while at a café, Kyoka overhears that "somebody had been spirited away by a man in a black suit". It was at that moment that Kyoka recalled the moment that Sachiko had suddenly disappeared in the mountains right in front of her very own eyes.

Mobile Detective - THE MOVIE 2 - Ishikawa Goemon Family’s Conspiracy Forest of Golgoda

ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE2 石川五右衛門一族の陰謀?決闘!ゴルゴダの森   핸드폰 형사 THE MOVIE 2   手機刑警 THE MOVIE 2

102 min.

Detective Okano disappears in the "Forest of Golgoda" in Akasaka, Minato-ku. High school girl detective, Rai Zenigata, who was trying to locate his whereabouts, has disappeared, too. Rei, who had been requested to search for the missing two discovers some clues with her partner, Matsuyama. However, being commanded by Sayuri, a descendant of Ishikawa Goemon, Rai attacks Rei.