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Scenario Writer Name: Junko Oyama (大山淳子)

The Cat Lawyer and the Invisible Man: A Corpse’s Ransom

猫弁   고양이 변호사   貓說

120 min x 2 ep|2 episodes

Despite being celebrated as a brilliant lawyer, Taro Momose is a poor and lonely bachelor who lives in a run-down apartment and has never had a relationship with a woman in all his 40 years. Softhearted to boot, Momose has also become owner of a gaggle of cats that lost their home in a civil pet suit Momose had taken on. As a result, his Shinjuku office is littered with cats. Es-tranged from his mother at a young age, Momose has long dreamed of having a real family, but repeated use of dating services has yielded nothing. His professional motto is to accept all cases and then work to develop its merits and means for resolution. Once all the pieces have been put together, results nobody could have predicted await in this heartfelt mystery series brimming with tears and laughter.