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Scenario Writer Name: Masato Ochi (おちまさと)

Love and Eros

ラブとエロス   사랑과 에로스   愛和欲

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 11 eps.|12 episodes

When Kasumi’s husband dies in a car wreck, Ryuichi vows to watch over her and her unborn son. Over the next ten years, he gradually falls in love with Kasumi. Now 35 years old, Kasumi has resisted loving another man for fear of reliving the pain of losing a loved one. She happens to meet Ryuichi’s bad boy younger brother and finds herself physically attracted to him; but Ryuichi finally acts on his bottled-up feelings for Kasumi and asks her to marry him. Kasumi must decide if she can bring herself to fall in love with a responsible man like Ryuichi, or if she can be content with the purely physical relationship that his brother can provide.

The Man Closest to Heaven 1,2

天国に一番近い男 1,2   천국에서 가장 가까운 남자 1, 2   最近天國的男人1, 2

Season.1: 60 min. x 11 eps. Season.2: 60 min. x 12 eps. Special: 120 min. x 1 ep.|23 episodes and Special

Due to his lack of drive, Shiro has failed the university entrance exams three times and just can’t seem to do anything right. When Shiro starts to contemplate why somebody like him is living at all, a mysterious man named Tendo appears, calling himself an “angel.” Tendo warns Shiro that his death is just around the corner if he does not push himself harder. Shiro takes the initiative and ends up saving someone else from an untimely death. In this way, Shiro avoids one brush with death after another by listening to Tendo’s frustrating riddles. With a lot of laughter and a few tears, Shiro’s trial teaches the secret to living a full life is hard work and confidence.