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Scenario Writer Name: Sumino Kawashima (川嶋澄乃)

Mitsuhiko Asami~The Last Chapter~

浅見光彦~最終章~   아사미 미쓰히코 ~최종회~   浅見光彦~最終章~

114 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 8 eps|9 episodes

The Mysteries of a Wandering Writer
The 5,000-Kilometer Adventure
Mitsuhiko Asami is a travel and history writer who travels the length of the country, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, gathering stories and information about famous places, histories, traditions, events and people. He encounters a diverse swath of people and a good share of sticky situations along the way. Fortunately, an innate curiosity and sense of justice, along with the occasional help of a police chief brother, enable Asami to confront whatever mysteries, and crimes, fall across his path. Suspense and intrigue at every turn.

SRO: Special Research Office for Extensive Investigation

SRO〜警視庁広域捜査専任特別調査室〜   SRO~경시청광역수사전임특별조사실~   警署搜索特別小組SRO

120 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Television serialization of a bestselling novel series called “SRO”. Japan’s Prime Minister has just launched the Special Research Office for Extensive Investigation (SRO) akin to the U.S.’s FBI to conduct wide area investigations of spreading crime. It is a groundbreaking new organization designed to free operatives from the “jurisdictional” restrictions of prefectural police departments. But the reality is that the SRO is not at all welcomed by the police organization. In the course of in-vestigating a dead body reduced to bones along the border of Kanagawa Prefecture, SRO members realize that police spies are in looking to torpedo the fledgling organization.

Sweet 10

スイート10~最後の恋人~   스위트 10 ~마지막 연인~   甜蜜的最後戀人

30 min. x 50 eps.|50 episodes

Yumiko, a nurse and housewife, has been happily married for 9 years. As she experiences a fateful encounter with her patient, Keisuke, she begins to fall for him. What begins as an infatuation soon turns into a love affair that traps her. While repeatedly saying to herself “That couldn’t happen to me!” Yumiko starts to regain the “womanhood” within her.