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Scenario Writer Name: Toshio Kamata (鎌田敏夫)


おやじの背中   아버지의 등   父親的背影

60 min × 9 eps|9 episodes

The relationship between father and child is showcased each week in 10 episodes penned by different writers, and featuring 10 pairs of leading actors. A former boxer (Koji Yakusho) trains his daughter (Hikari Matsushima) to participate in the Olympic Games and survive in a highly competitive world. Another father (Tsunehiko Watase) and son (Kankuro Nakamura VI) formerly at odds with each other embark on a pilgrimage inspired by the death of the wife and mother. All the stories are suited for viewing by the whole family yet delve into universal themes with which everyone can identify.

Seven Men and Women, Summer Story / Autumn Story

男女7人夏物語、男女7人秋物語   남여 7인의 여름 / 가을 이야기   男女7人夏物語/男女7人秋物語

Summer: 60 min x 10 eps Autumn: 60 min x 11 eps|21 episodes

Three men in their early 30s and four women in their late 20s who haven’t let go of their youth try to continue enjoying life without any particular goals. The various ways in which their lives become entangled make for entertaining viewing.

Terminus: Love on the Twilight Express

終着駅〜トワイライト・エクスプレスの恋   종착역~트와일라잇 익스프레스의 사랑   終點站~曙光號特快之戀

114 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

February. The story begins with a man and a woman riding the Twilight Express. Keisuke and Chie are on a last trip together before an agreed-upon breakup. Though Chie had a family, she had long admired Keisuke in secret until the day when she could no longer contain it. But Keisuke, too, loved her and looked over her with quiet strength. Here on the Twilight Express, however, time passes slowly. The two melt into each other’s company as the beautiful snow-blown winter landscape outside rolls gently past the window. There is the elegant Salon de Nord with its wide observation windows, the dining car “Diner Pleiades,” and the special suite room where true feelings can collide without reserve. Until now, Keisuke and Chie have been unable to break the hold they’ve had on each other. But now they have some time, and a lot will need to be said and resolved between their departure in Osaka until their early morning arrival in the northern city of Sapporo.