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"REAL ESCAPE GAME TV" Nominated for 2014 International Digital Emmy!!!


TOKYO: "Real Escape Game TV," produced by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) has been nominated for the 2014 International Digital Emmy Awards.

The innovative, real-time viewer-participation TV show has been selected for competition in the "Digital Program: Fiction" category, and the winner will be announced at the internationally known and recognized MIP TV event on April 7th 2014, in Cannes, France.

"Real Escape Game TV" is a real time viewer participation telemovie that emerged from collaboration between TBS and quiz production group SCRAP. The show is a spin-off of the SCRAP-produced interactive live puzzle event "Real Escape Game." Since its first broadcast on January 1st 2013, the show has been a hot topic among young viewers, and has seen success in the form of featured commercials and a large summer event at TBS-owned venue Akasaka Sacas.


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