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Toshie Negishi (根岸季衣)

Her Granddaughter

娚の一生   남자의 일생   她的孫女

119 min.

Tired of a busy Tokyo career and painful relationships, Tsugumi quits her job and flees to the home of her grandmother in the countryside to restart her life. When the grandmother dies, Tsugumi encounters a college professor named Kaieda, who had borne a long admiration for the grandmother. Kaieda oddly finds himself irrepressibly drawn to Tsugumi and finds his way into moving in with her. Initially, the discrepancy in their ages is discomfiting to Tsugumi, but she gradually finds herself opening up to him. A young woman convinced she could never be happy. And a man in his 50s who had long abandoned thoughts of love or settling down. Here is a mature love story about how two very mismatched lives can come face to face with each other, bringing lessons about life and love.

The Third Senbei Bride!

三代目のヨメ!   3 대째의 며느리!   第3 代的媳婦

30 min x 40 eps|40 episodes

56-year-old, Mother-in-law, Misako Yoneda, still acts like the daughter-in-law that married into the household. One day, her son announces his intention to marry Natsuko Fujisaki, 35 years of age, who suddenly comes into the home of this well-established rice cracker shop through her marriage. This is a story of the laughter and tear filled days of the two women — the mother and her daughter-in-law.

Love & Fight

ラブ&ファイト   러브 & 파이트   為愛而戰

30 min. x 65 eps.|65 episodes

Upon the sudden death of her father, Maki Uehara has inherited her father’s profession and risen to become a world-famous illusionist. Until one day, a happening reawakens her to the profession she longed for as a child; to be a nurse. Throwing everything away to pursue her new goal in life, Maki’s sudden change of heart is alarming, but gradually, her positive and cheery disposition begins to impress those around her and reminds them of the lust for life and something that they had all forgotten. Here is a comical and heartwarming story that takes place in a hospital but speaks to universal themes of love, dreams and trust in one another.