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Toshiya Tohyama (遠山俊也)

Stepmom and Daughter Blues FINAL(2024)

義母と娘のブルース FINAL~2024年謹賀新年SP~   의붓엄마와 딸의 블루스 파이널(2024)   繼母與女兒的藍調 完結篇(2024)

Stepmom Akiko grows concerned when daughter Miyuki, who is about to graduate from college, seems content to work part-time at Bakery Mugita without looking for a “real” job. After Akiko lectures Miyuki about her tardiness to job-hunting, they begin researching companies together. But no sooner do they start when Miyuki drops a bombshell. “I want to get married!” sending Akiko and everyone including bakery owner Mugita into a frenzy.


カンナさーん!   칸나씨!   強的媽媽 栞納!

75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 9 eps|10 episodes

Kanna Suzuki is a powerhouse woman with single-minded devotion once she puts her mind to something. Working for a fashion designer, her dream is to someday design clothes that will make women everywhere amazingly attractive.” But her world begins to spin out of control when she discovers that her “loving” hunk of a husband, Rei, is having an affair! Meanwhile, her unreasonable boss dumps loads of work, her husband is a mama’s boy and her mother-in-law drops in unannounced to dote on her son and grandson, and all while Kanna is trying to raise a needy 4-year-old son, Reon. Pushed to a breaking point and battling the world alone, Kanna, however, isn’t one to run, bend or break. Instead, she girds herself for battle, stokes her inner fire and confronts adversity head on, chasing her dream in pursuit of happiness and fulfillment for herself and her son.

Good Neighbors

すてきにコモン!   멋있는 고문 하우스 !   鄰居萬歲

30 min. x 40 eps.|40 episodes

Life in the row houses of yesteryear is nostalgic today, but the “Common House,” a new type of apartment building, brings together the merits of a row house and the privacy of individual homes. Each family has its own privacy, but all the members of a “House” live as one big family. More women continue to work today, after marriage or giving birth, so more people are turning to Common Houses for the safety provided for child rearing. What sort of joys and problems await them in these Common Houses? This story focuses on the search for happiness by one family who moves in to one.