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Ayaka Wada (和田彩花)

Tales of Terror - Grotesque The Triple Mirror / The Japanese Doll / O-sayo / The Red Person

怪談新耳袋 異形 部屋替え/和人形/おさよ/赤いひと   괴담신이대 이형(異形)   怪談新耳袋 異形

92 min.

"The Triple Mirror"
A house in a residential area. Deciding to rearrange the furniture, Momoka’s attention is taken by a triple mirror there. That night she is awoken by a moaning sound. The door of the room, reflected in the mirror, opens of its own accord to reveal an old woman with a knife. Momoka retreats, but what will happen now?

"The Japanese Doll"
Misaki, Shiori, Momoka, Mana, Airi and Haruka toast Shiori’s debut as a pop idol singer with PET-bottle drinks. The girls have gathered in an abandoned building which has special meaning for them, but before that a weird Japanese doll has quickly left the place. That night the doll, which it turns out Misaki had mistreated, attackes her.

Shiori goes up into the mountains for a photo shoot to accompany her upcoming debut as a singer. At the old Japanese inn where she is staying, she senses a weird presence, and cannot go to sleep. There comes the voice of a weeping woman begging for help, and a muddy hand crawling towards her from out of the dark.

"The Red Person"
One Sunday afternoon Airi, absorbed in making a strawberry cake, gets a call from her younger sister Haruka. Shortly after, her doorbell rings. She looks out through the peephole and sees a vague mass of red, in human form. Scream though she may, the “red person” invades her apartment, coming closer and closer.