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Tales of Terror - Grotesque The Triple Mirror / The Japanese Doll / O-sayo / The Red Person 怪談新耳袋 異形 部屋替え/和人形/おさよ/赤いひと   괴담신이대 이형(異形)   怪談新耳袋 異形



Tales of Terror - Grotesque The Triple Mirror / The Japanese Doll / O-sayo / The Red Person 怪談新耳袋 異形 部屋替え/和人形/おさよ/赤いひと 괴담신이대 이형(異形) 怪談新耳袋 異形
(c) 2012「怪談新耳袋 異形」製作委員会
Tales of Terror - Grotesque The Triple Mirror / The Japanese Doll / O-sayo / The Red Person 怪談新耳袋 異形 部屋替え/和人形/おさよ/赤いひと 괴담신이대 이형(異形) 怪談新耳袋 異形
(c) 2012「怪談新耳袋 異形」製作委員会

"The Triple Mirror"
A house in a residential area. Deciding to rearrange the furniture, Momoka’s attention is taken by a triple mirror there. That night she is awoken by a moaning sound. The door of the room, reflected in the mirror, opens of its own accord to reveal an old woman with a knife. Momoka retreats, but what will happen now?

"The Japanese Doll"
Misaki, Shiori, Momoka, Mana, Airi and Haruka toast Shiori’s debut as a pop idol singer with PET-bottle drinks. The girls have gathered in an abandoned building which has special meaning for them, but before that a weird Japanese doll has quickly left the place. That night the doll, which it turns out Misaki had mistreated, attackes her.

Shiori goes up into the mountains for a photo shoot to accompany her upcoming debut as a singer. At the old Japanese inn where she is staying, she senses a weird presence, and cannot go to sleep. There comes the voice of a weeping woman begging for help, and a muddy hand crawling towards her from out of the dark.

"The Red Person"
One Sunday afternoon Airi, absorbed in making a strawberry cake, gets a call from her younger sister Haruka. Shortly after, her doorbell rings. She looks out through the peephole and sees a vague mass of red, in human form. Scream though she may, the “red person” invades her apartment, coming closer and closer.
제1화 오사요
데뷔를 앞둔 시오리는 첫사진집 촬영을 위해 아름다운 자연이 펼쳐진 산을 찾았다. 촬영후 오래된 여관에 도착한 시오리는 알 수 없는 이상한 느낌이 들어 좀처럼 잠자리에 들지 못하고 있었다. 어디선가 도움을 청하며 우는 여자의 목소리, 흙투성이의 손이 시오리를 어 둠속으로 끌어 들인다.

제2화 붉은 사람
일요일 오후, 딸기케잌 만들기에 여념이 없는 아이리는 여동생 하루카의 연락을 받는다. 거의 동시에 현관벨이 울리고 현관문을 통해 본 밖에는 전신이 붉은 인간의 모습을 한 형체가 서 있었다! 절규하는 아이리에게 다른 방으로 침투한「붉은 사람」이 점점 다가온다.

제3화 방꾸미기
주택가의 어느 집. 방을 다시 꾸미기로 한 모모카는 이전부터 방에 있던 삼면거울이 신경에 거슬렸다. 한밤중, 가위에 눌려 눈을 뜬 모모카가 돌아보니, 삼 면거울의 문이 저절로 열리고 그 안에는 노파의 모습이 보인다. 칼을 들고 거울속에서 나타난 노파에 절규하며 도망치는 모모카. 과연 모모카의 운명은?

시오리의 아이돌데뷔를 축하하며 음료수로 건배하는 여섯명의 소녀, 미사키, 시오리, 모모카, 마나, 아이리, 하루카. 추억이 있는 폐 허에 모인 소녀들은 왠지 이상한 느낌의 일본인형을 보고 서둘러 그 자리를 떠난다. 실은 미사키가 장난으로 놓아둔 인형이었지만, 그 날 밤 인형이 미사키를 습격하는데….
即將出道的Shiori 為了首次的寫真集拍攝,來到了風景明媚的山區。在拍攝完畢之後,大夥回到下榻的老舊旅館準備休息。但Shiori 卻總有一股莫名而毛骨悚然的感覺,遲遲無法入眠。她聽到一個女人求救的哭聲,就在這時一隻佈滿泥濘的手將她扯入了暗夜。

星期天的午後,正專心的在作草莓蛋糕的Airi 接到妹妹Haruka 的電話。沒多久門鈴響了,正準備開門的Airi, 卻從門上的窺視孔看到一個全身沾滿鮮紅色的人形物體。這個“紅色的人”闖進了房間朝著驚叫的Airi 逼近!

位在住宅區裡的一間獨棟屋。正準備換房間的Momoka 從以前就很在意房裡的那只三面鏡。夜裡,突然醒來的Momoka 看到那三面鏡的一扇門竟然自己敞開,裡面映著一個老婆婆的身影。手裡高舉著菜刀的老婆婆竟然從鏡子裡走了出來,Momoka不知所措,驚叫亂竄。而她的命運?!

為了慶祝Shiori 的偶像出道,Misaki、Shiori、Momoka、Mana、Airi 和Haruka 六個少女舉寶特瓶飲料乾杯以示慶祝。她們聚集在這個充滿回憶的廢墟,但因為看到了一具令人毛骨悚然的日本洋娃娃,她們決定草草離開。那天夜裡,原本是Misaki 惡作劇所設計的洋娃娃卻向著她攻擊而來…。


死幣   사폐   死幣

30 min × 10 eps|10 episodes

College student and Economics major, Yuka Minami (19) suddenly learns of the freakish death of her friend, Ikumi, on whose corpse were found reams of 10,000-yen bills. The eyes of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the face on the 10,000-yen note, had all been darkened black. When the bodies of 5 more men and women around Ikumi turn up in the same manner, rumors spread of a “death cash” curse. Frantic over this rash of inexplicable deaths in her immediate surroundings, Yuka one day hits upon a certain “rule” she believes might combat the workings of these fatal deaths. Horror and suspense surround her in this visceral depiction of modern society’s biggest and most terrifying subject: money.

Her Granddaughter

娚の一生   남자의 일생   她的孫女

119 min.

Tired of a busy Tokyo career and painful relationships, Tsugumi quits her job and flees to the home of her grandmother in the countryside to restart her life. When the grandmother dies, Tsugumi encounters a college professor named Kaieda, who had borne a long admiration for the grandmother. Kaieda oddly finds himself irrepressibly drawn to Tsugumi and finds his way into moving in with her. Initially, the discrepancy in their ages is discomfiting to Tsugumi, but she gradually finds herself opening up to him. A young woman convinced she could never be happy. And a man in his 50s who had long abandoned thoughts of love or settling down. Here is a mature love story about how two very mismatched lives can come face to face with each other, bringing lessons about life and love.

I Just Wanna Hug You

抱きしめたい 〜真実の物語〜   안고 싶어   想擁抱

123 min.

Overcoming a tragic accident at a young age that confined her to a wheelchair and caused frequent memory loss, Tsukasa has an inspiring lust for life and energy. She plays sports and meets, then falls in love with, a young basketball-playing taxi driver named Masami. Soon, the two find themselves having to face a variety of challenges and difficulties form the world around them on their way to marriage and the dreams of building a blissful life together. This film is based on a miraculous story about an actual couple in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Tsukasa has been paralyzed on her left side since a traffic accident as a young girl, which also caused some brain damage, making her forget things easily.


劇場版 MOZU   극장판 MOZU   劇場版 MOZU

116 min.

6 months have passed since national security policeman, Kuraki, along with fellow investigators Osugi and Akeboshi started poking around into a mysterious wife and child murder case. The so-called Mozu Incident exposed part of a shadowy organization within the police department, but proved to be only the tip of the iceberg for a much larger conspiracy. Two simultaneous terrorist acts, a skyscraper occupation and bombing, and the attacking to the embassy of Penam have put Kuraki and his team on the trail of “criminal planner” Takayanagi and professional assassin, Gondo. But they both work for someone deeper behind the scenes, cryptically known as “Daruma”, a man tied to Japan’s criminal history and who has been working on some elaborately nefarious plan. Kuraki and his partners’ pursuit of the truth take them to the Republic of Penam where they find themselves embroiled in deadly confrontation with their last true enemy, Daruma.


忍びの国   닌자의 나라   忍者之國

124 min.

It is a warring period in feudal Japan. The warlord, Nobunaga Oda, is rapidly vanquishing his foes on a quest to pacify and unify the country under his rule. However, there is one domain that he forbids to lay a hand on, that of the Iga ninja, whom even the great Nobunaga fears most. The Iga are known to wield extraordinary and supernatural powers as invincible weapons of war who will assassinate anyone for money, and money only. They don’t think of people as human and are dubbed “the killer clan”. But there is one Iga ninja, Mumon, who while peerless in ability is indolent and taken to task for an inability to earn much of an income. In the fall of the year Tensho 7, Nobunaga’s second son, Nobukatsu Oda, decides to ignore his father’s orders and attack the Iga country, partly encouraged by Taizen Heki, a man who had once turned on his master and was now employed as a vassal of Nobukatsu. Heibe Shimoyama, whose brother had been killed by Mumon also seeks revenge on the 12 Iga ninja core, including Sandayu Momoji and Kai Shimoyama. Amid various colliding interests and schemes, ultimately, a major bloody showdown is coming between Oda’s army and the Iga ninja.

ROOKIES: Graduation

ROOKIES - 卒業 -   루키즈   菜鳥總動員: 畢業決戰 不良學園終極電影版

137 min.

A fired-up high-school teacher who teaches his baseball team the importance of having a dream, and the students he leads, burning with this dream of a national championship. A group of modern young people of the baseball club at Futakotamagawa High School: they have no hope for the future, and no idea of what they want to do. ‘The world is full of hope,’ a new teacher, Kawato shouts at them. ‘Don’t make fun of people who have dreams.’ Overcoming problems with the new players, and an injury to their captain, with Kawato, they move into the semifinal tournament that leads to their final chance at a national championship. Will the dreams of the Futakotamagawa baseball team come true? Meanwhile, graduation day draws near..…

S: THE LAST POLICEMAN-Recovery of Our Future-

S 最後の警官 Recovery of Our Future   S 최후의 경관 Recovery of Our Future   S 最後的警官 Recovery of Our Future

119 min.

A nation of people seemingly content to go about their business, not thinking too much, but simply trying to lead normal and peaceful lives. And then one day, a bus jacking incident occurs to rouse them from their reverie.
Ex-boxer turned cop, Ichigo Kamikura leads the NPS (National Police Safety Rescue), called “S”, effort to deal with the crisis, but so far, no demands have come from the perpetrator, and a sinking feeling of impending doom sets in among the force. Sure enough, a massive tanker off the Japanese coast in the Pacific is next reported as having been seized! On board is enough nuclear fuel to blow up the entire country.
A final battle begins with the nation’s future and the lives of 120 million at stake.....!

The Crimes That Bind

祈りの幕が下りる時   기도의 막이 내릴때   當祈禱落幕時

119 min.

A woman is found strangled to death in an apartment in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward.
The victim is Michiko Oshitani, a resident of Shiga Prefecture who worked for a home cleaning company.
What’s more, the occupant of the apartment where the murder took place, Mutsuo Koshikawa, has gone missing.
Matsumiya (Junpei Mizobata) and his fellow detectives of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Investigation Section 1 begin investigating, but hit a brick wall when they fail to find any links between Oshitani and Koshikawa.
Why was Oshitani, who lived in Shiga, killed in Tokyo?
Eventually, the detectives’ inquiries lead them to a theater director named Hiromi Asai (Nanako Matsushima).
They learn that Oshitani came to Tokyo to visit her former classmate Asai, but again come up with nothing when searching for connections between Asai and Koshikawa, and their investigation grinds to a halt.
Matsumiya has a hunch that a charred corpse found nearby the murder scene may have some relevance to the case, and subsequently discovers an item among the victim’s belongings with the names of Nihonbashi’s 12 bridges written on it.
When Kyoichiro Kaga (Hiroshi Abe) learns of this, he is deeply shaken.
It is somehow connected to his mother, who died alone...

The Floating Castle

のぼうの城   노보우의 성   傀儡之城

145 min.

Nearing the end of Japan’s long years of civil war, with Toyotomi Hideyoshi one short step away from finally uniting the land under his rule, he sends a massive army north against the Hojo clan, his last enemy. The one stronghold he cannot take is Oshi Castle, a Hojo outpost in the land of Bushu. Called ‘the floating castle’ because of the lake that surrounded it, it is under the command of one Narita Nagachika, an extremely popular ruler known to the people of his domain as ‘Nobou-sama’, from deku no bou, or ‘blockhead’.


東京PRウーマン   도쿄PR우먼   東京PR女人

83 min.

Reina Misaki is bank worker plagued by self-doubt for constantly bumbling her job. And then one night she attends a social mixer that leads to an interview with a public relations firm and a new job thanks to a whimsical president, despite her having given a very lackluster interview. On her first day at the new job, she is shocked to learn that her direct superior is Kusakabe, the very man who was so exasperated by her at the interview. Still, Reina also immediately earns the jealousy and enmity of fellow female workers who all pine after Kusakabe. But Kusakabe makes life a living hell for Reina, subjecting her to a daily barrage of work place abuse and criticism… until one day at a product meeting where she casually expresses an idea that much to her surprise gets adopted and becomes a major PR coup, drawing enormous media attention. Having transformed into the hottest person in the business, Reina is ecstatic when the company president names her to head up the next big account. It’s all smooth sailing until the day of the big campaign announcement when a host of trouble suddenly threaten to bring the world crashing down upon her. But someone steps in at the last minute with a helping hand: Kusakabe.