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Atsushi Tamaru (田丸篤志)

Born in:



  • Comedy
  • School
  • Romance


セイレン   세이렌   清戀「心有千千結」

It is summer vacation for Shoichi Kamita, a high school sophomore. After being summoned by his teacher to talk about post-graduation plans, Shoichi begins to harbor anxiety about university exams and his future in the adult world. Nevertheless, he embarks upon his last summer of freedom and relation...

Tamako Love Story
84 min.

Tamako Love Story   

たまこラブストーリー   타마코 러브스토리   玉子市場之純愛物語

84 min.

[INTRODUCTION] Reiko Yoshida pens an all-new coming-of-age story about the passion and purity of youth that will tickle and squeeze your heart. Yukiko Horiguchi’s renders exquisitely distinctive teen characters emerging from the throes of puberty into adulthood. Naoko Yamada directs a story replete...