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Kisuke Iida (飯田基祐)


魔王   마왕

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Ryo Naruse, who is an able attorney that can turn any case in his clients’ favor, takes cases for the disadvantaged and defends them free of charge; therefore, he is called an “angel attorney.” However, it is only superficial. His true self is that of a man who has sacrificed all his life to track down the murderer that killed his dearest younger brother 11 years ago — that is, he is “a cold-blooded revenge seeker, or the Devil King.”

Sweet 10

スイート10~最後の恋人~   스위트 10 ~마지막 연인~   甜蜜的最後戀人

30 min. x 50 eps.|50 episodes

Yumiko, a nurse and housewife, has been happily married for 9 years. As she experiences a fateful encounter with her patient, Keisuke, she begins to fall for him. What begins as an infatuation soon turns into a love affair that traps her. While repeatedly saying to herself “That couldn’t happen to me!” Yumiko starts to regain the “womanhood” within her.

In the Heart of the Ginza!

銀座まんまんなか!   긴자 한가운데 !   銀座正中間

30 min. x 30 eps.|30 episodes

Usagi is just an ordinary housewife. Katsura, her junior college classmate, asks her to join her in a business venture. Katsura wants to open a flower shop. Usagi has never given any thought to working, but she is swept along by Katsura’s enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Usagi’s father, who’s the third-generation owner of a shop called Ginza Ugetsudo, is planning to make Usagi his successor. Which path will Usagi take? Or, will she settle on a completely different road? Usagi matures with each vexing problem she faces. Her struggles are presented with a comic touch. This is a drama with excitement, suspense and humor.

Love & Fight

ラブ&ファイト   러브 & 파이트   為愛而戰

30 min. x 65 eps.|65 episodes

Upon the sudden death of her father, Maki Uehara has inherited her father’s profession and risen to become a world-famous illusionist. Until one day, a happening reawakens her to the profession she longed for as a child; to be a nurse. Throwing everything away to pursue her new goal in life, Maki’s sudden change of heart is alarming, but gradually, her positive and cheery disposition begins to impress those around her and reminds them of the lust for life and something that they had all forgotten. Here is a comical and heartwarming story that takes place in a hospital but speaks to universal themes of love, dreams and trust in one another.

Eternally 1/2

永遠の1/2   영원의 1/2   永遠的1/2

30 min. x 60 eps.|60 episodes

Midori Muroi and Fumiko Yoshimoto both gave birth to girls on the same day in a country home called “The Hometown Maternity Clinic.” But the clinic caught fire soon afterwards, taking the life of Fumiko. Midori manages to escape with both daughters. But when a test reveals her child’s blood type to be A, she suspects it isn’t fathered by her husband. On impulse, Midori swaps the two babies’ clothes, pretending that Fumiko’s daughter - whose blood type is O - is her true child. Midori’s true daughter goes to live with Fumiko’s family and is given the name Miyuki. 18 years later, she has grown up poor but happy, and starts corresponding by mail with Aki Muroi, Fumiko’s real daughter, the two referring to each other affectionately as “Heidi” and “Bamboo Princess.”