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Chosuke Ikariya (いかりや長介)

School Teachers

ガッコの先生   학교 선생님   熱血老師

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 10 eps.|11 episodes

A visiting substitute teacher for a woman on maternity leave, Sentaro, shakes things up with his passionate and direct teaching style and meets resistance from the entire school. Motoko, the daughter of his landlord is one of his colleagues and strongest critics. Another colleague asks Sentaro to fix him up with Motoko, and Sentaro is more than happy to oblige since he has fallen for her sister. But Motoko’s father senses that Sentaro and Motoko would actually be good together and tries to fix them up! Facing pressure in work and in love, Sentaro must figure out if his current path is the best one.

Love and Life in the White

白い影   하얀 그림자   白影

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 9 eps.|10 episodes

Noriko, who is building her career as a nurse, starts work at a large hospital. Naoe is a skilled doctor but he believes that medical treatment should be handled as a business. Noriko, however, does not agree. Another young doctor has a very good reputation and his more compassionate personality clashes with Naoe’s. Despite Naoe’s strict treatment of Noriko and others, she begins to see a hidden kindness in him. She begins to like him as more than just a colleague, but she senses that he is hiding something. However, she will soon find out that his secret threatens more than she could possibly imagine.