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Tsubasa Imai (今井翼)


ネバーランド   네버랜드   拒絕長大

70 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 10 eps.|11 episodes

Four students at a famous private high school for boys in a rural seaside town each decide to stay in the dormitory over the summer. They each have their reasons for not returning home, but they agree to never ask each other about them, having been strangers until this point. However, problems in their personal lives begin to rise to the surface, and the boys must learn to overcome their defenses and open up to each other.

Summer Snow

Summer Snow   서머 스노   Summer Snow

60 min x 11 eps|11 episodes

His parents having passed away, 21 year-old Natsuo must now take care of his teenage younger brother and sister and run the family bike shop. It is a heavy burden which he handles with an even measure of discipline and kindness. A shy young woman with a heart condition is impressed by his positive outlook and toughness, and she begins to help him with his responsibilities. It is while learning to deal with daily life and family crisis alike that their love begins to bloom.