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Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ)

Love on Sunday Series

恋する日曜日シリーズ   사랑을 하는 일요일   戀愛的星期天 系列

Part.1 : 30 min. x 26 eps. Part.2 : 30 min. x 26 eps. Part.3 : 30 min. x 13 eps. Part.4 : 30 min. x 13 eps. Part.5 : 30 min. x 26 eps. Part.6 : 30 min. x 2 eps.|106 episodes

Here is a series of vignettes about love using hit J-pop songs from the 80s and 90s as the themes. In one story, a woman out to get back at her superior tries to make him fall in love with her only so she can hurt him. In another story, a woman is dumped after a long courtship, but unable to forget him, she ambushes him with a kiss at his wedding! Another tale tells of a woman having an affair ends up in a love triangle with her lover’s son. Stories of desperate love are told through various eyes.

You Don't Know That, Teacher?

先生知らないの?   선생님 모르세요?   老師,您知道嗎?

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

When an eager young man gets an elementary school teaching position as his first job, he finds a school staff and student body stricken with apathy. He vows to find a way to invigorate his students and co-workers, but his tendency to burn a straight path toward his goals, while failing to consider any obstacles in his way, may be his biggest fault. Or it may turn out to be his greatest asset.