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Saburo Tokito (時任三郎)

Summer Rescue:Clinic in the Clouds

サマーレスキュー 〜 天空の診療所 〜   섬머 레스큐 ~천공의 진료소~   夏日救援隊~天空的診療所~

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

The setting is a real life medical clinic in a tiny remote mountain village and summer retreat. It is a place where a young doctor, nurses and med students for one summer can come face-to-face with real life patients and real life problems, ponder the meaning of existence and their medical profession. Keigo Hayami is a young heart surgeon with a cool as a cucumber demeanor and a promising future at a major university hospital. But he’s here for the summer on order by his superior to tend to local patients at an altitude of over 2,000 meters in a clinic lacking in most modern medical equipment and medicine. Here, a doctor has only one means of treating their patients: talking to them. They must deal directly with patients, and learn the skills of bedside manner. For it is here wherein lies the “heart of medicine” and Hayami is in for a major transformation, as both doctor and human.

The Lightning Tree

雷桜   라이오우   雷櫻

133 min.

The Edo Period, the world of the samurai. The youth Narimichi, the son of a Shogun, who has thus always lived a very restricted life, and the wild girl Yu, spirited away from her mountain village as a baby and raised living free in the mountains. These two, whose circumstances are such that they should never meet, come together before the miraculous ‘lightning tree’, and embark upon a doomed love affair. Knowing they will never be together, they seek all the more to go deep into each other’s hearts. Since neither has ever been in love before, their encounter with it brings spiritual growth. For those of the modern age, far more free than that in which Narimichi and Yu lived, the film will express the value and wonder of love from the heart, without fear of being hurt. This is the story of a miracle of love, between two people who should never have met.

Am I Unattractive?

わたしってブスだったの?   난 매력없는 준재인가?   難道我很醜?

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

Determined never to be defeated, the heroine of this story is economically independent. Yet with each passing year, she experiences greater isolation and uneasiness. Her quest to live with integrity, despite the scars of previous battles, raises deep questions of how anyone can find their own way through these times.

Apples and Oranges 1,2,3,4

ふぞろいの林檎たち1,2,3,4   고르지 않은 사과들 1, 2, 3, 4   不安分的蘋果們

1: 60 min. x 10 eps. 2: 60 min. x 13 eps. 3: 60 min. x 11 eps. 4: 120 min. x 1 ep., 60 min. x 12 eps.|47 episodes

This drama focuses on the lives of those struggling against elitism in a society that puts considerable emphasis on status. The fourth series reintroduces a cast of characters in their thirties and well along their individual chosen paths. The stories center on the lives of the characters as they find self respect and help others who are starting out with little or no standing in society. This poignant drama artfully illustrates the dignity of people transcending titles and status.