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Kaho (夏帆)

Prison Princesses

監獄のお姫さま   감옥의 공주님   監獄公主

75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 9 eps|10 episodes

Attempted murder, fraud and embezzlement, illicit drugs, tax evasion and even murder? Five women convinced of various crimes and a crime-loathing female warden put aside their differences to hatch a grand plot of revenge against a handsome but crooked company CEO. But the revenge plan keeps hitting snags. Written by Kankuro Kudo, all of these mature women with interesting back stories meet in a female penitentiary and band together to clear each other of unjust sentences in this blockbuster female crime story rich in laughter and tears, brilliantly merging the comedy and cheerfulness of Kankuro Kudo storytelling with serious deeper questions of why we’re all here and what constitutes true happiness.

Sand Chronicles

砂時計   모래시계   砂時計

121 min.

14-year-old Ann has been brought to her mother’s hometown to start a new life following her parents’ divorce. But when her mother tragically commits suicide, Ann, feeling abandoned and alone lashes out in anger. Coming to Ann’s rescue is classmate, Daigo, who makes a promise to her saying, “I’ll always be with you” The two become a couple all through their middle school years until Ann leaves for Tokyo to live with her father. Ann and Daigo attempt to continue their relationship at a distance but Ann is increasingly tormented by memory of her mother’s death. Though she believes Daigo to be her destiny she also worries that she is placing too much pressure on him and may ruin his life, and ultimately decides to break up with him. 11 years later, Ann returns to Shimane to announce her engagement to another man, but is reunited with Daigo, and her heart starts to waver.


東京少女   도쿄소녀   東京少女

98 min.

Miho is a ordinary senior high school girl dreaming of becoming a science fiction writer in the future. One day, an earthquake hits her area, and Miho drops and loses her cell phone out of her hand. It is Japan about a hundred years ago. Tokijiro Miyata, who is a pupil of one of the leading Japanese writers, Soseki Natsume, and is hoping to become a writer himself, is about to walk out of a publisher disappointed because his story has been rejected once again today. At that very moment, an earthquake occurs. When the tremors stop, something falls down from the ceiling. It was Miho’s cell phone. The cell phone can be connected to the other person only when the moon is visible. As Tokijiro and Miho talk on the phone, the two become attracted to each other. But the time for a farewell comes suddenly. The battery of the cell phone will only last a little more. The two enjoy dating over the phone across the time periods within their limited time. Then Miho happens to know that a sad fate is waiting for Tokijiro…..

Mobile Detective - THE MOVIE 2 - Ishikawa Goemon Family’s Conspiracy Forest of Golgoda

ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE2 石川五右衛門一族の陰謀?決闘!ゴルゴダの森   핸드폰 형사 THE MOVIE 2   手機刑警 THE MOVIE 2

102 min.

Detective Okano disappears in the "Forest of Golgoda" in Akasaka, Minato-ku. High school girl detective, Rai Zenigata, who was trying to locate his whereabouts, has disappeared, too. Rei, who had been requested to search for the missing two discovers some clues with her partner, Matsuyama. However, being commanded by Sayuri, a descendant of Ishikawa Goemon, Rai attacks Rei.

Mobile Detective - THE MOVIE -

ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE バベルの塔の秘密 〜銭形姉妹への挑戦状   핸드폰 형사 THE MOVIE   手機刑警 THE MOVIE

98 min.

Although they are still teenagers, the Zenigata Sisters are detectives, and have a grandfather in the Inspector General. They possess an uncanny knack for solving crimes, but no one knows that they are investigators. The Zenigata Sisters have been busy solving crimes around the nation, and are faced with a case surrounding their own family. Unless three crimes are solved, the perpetrator threatens to escalate his crimes. It is then that Rui, Mai and Rei begin receiving mail on their cell phones from the police department. The trap set by the perpetrator has the sisters stumped. Will they be able to solve the crime in time?

Crying out Love, in the Center of the World

世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ   세상의 중심에서 사랑을 외치다   在世界中心呼喚愛

75 min x 1 ep / 60min x 10 eps|11 episodes

“I thought I might be using a lifetime’s happiness in a moment. I was that happy and she was that beautiful.” A young boy stands on the red earth of Australia under its blue sky. It is 17-year-old Sakutaro Matsumoto. His time with the girl comes back to him. The colored sand runs through his hands and a tear appears on his cheek. He wakes up. It’s 2004 and he is 34 years old and in Japan. He thinks “I have been in a world without her for 17 years.” Returning home to see his old high school for the last time before it is demolished, Saku confronts anew the loss of the love of his life, Aki, to leukemia 17 years ago. Now a medical researcher at graduate school, he has been living as if half of him died with her since then. Based on the bestselling novel that sold over 3 million copies, the past and present come together in this love story that is both pure and sad.

Mobile Detective

ケータイ刑事   핸드폰 형사   少女刑警 系列

206 episodes

The grandchildren of a police chief, Ai, Rui and Mai are in high school, and the youngest, Rei, is in middle school. These four sisters seem like ordinary siblings. However, equipped with uncanny instinct, a sharp sense of smell and an IQ of 180, they are secret detectives who solve case after difficult case. After their grandfather summons them to help, they begin work with the department and thus, the high-school girl detectives are born.