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So Yamanaka (山中聡)

Edison's Mother

エジソンの母   에디슨의 어머니   愛迪生之母

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Noriko Ayukawa is a beautiful and dedicated, if rather conventional, teacher. A new addition to her class and “problem child”, Kento, is said to be a genius on a par with Edison. Could it be that Kento really does have boundless potential? This Edison in the making keeps Noriko off-balance by constantly asking “Why?” and “How?”

Wedding Dream Believer

結婚式へ行こう!   결혼식에 가자 !   前進婚禮

30 min x 55 eps|Eps 55

The heroine, Aoi, is a wedding planner. She struggles every day for the sake of not only couples soon to celebrate their wedding ceremony, but also for those who are involved in the wedding ceremonies! Believing in “happiness in marriage," Aoi continues to make every effort. Revolving around Aoi, this story depicts “the true happiness ahead in marriage" and “family ties."

A Stranger of Mine

運命じゃない人   운명이 아닌 사람   意外的陌生人

98 min.

The story takes place in the time span from early evening on Friday to Saturday morning, centering around Miyata, the protagonist who is in the midst of misery, and how he comes close to grasping happiness. Three episodes as seen through the viewpoints of five people- 'a man who is devastated because he has lost the love of his life,' 'a man who is tired of being a detective,' 'a yakuza who is having trouble running his organization,' 'a woman who is thrown into despair because her fiancee was two-timing her,' and 'a con woman who twists men around her finger'- are sandwiched between a short prologue and epilogue. The cause and effect behind these apparently simple episodes surface one after another, and the unexpected relation between them bring friendship and the complicated nature of humans to light.