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Anri Okamoto (岡本杏理)


インターン!   인턴!   青春實習生

103 min.

College junior, Haruka, is invited by her best friend, Maki, to attend Works Applications (WAP) internship orientation. On her way home, Haruka is nearly hit by a car only to be saved at the last moment by WAP’s CEO Makino, who sacrifices his own life. Makino wakes up in a hospital emergency room to be greeted by a man who introduces himself as “Death”. He shows Makino’s lifeless body on the bed below and explains that Haruka was supposed to have died in the accident, but Makino has traded destinies with her. The only way that both can be saved is if Haruka can change her future. Makino believes that if Haruka can become a star intern and be hired by his company, he will return to life. So he possesses Maki’s mind in order to convince her to support Haruka as an intern.
Haruka, however, lacks confidence and is more concerned with a different passion: a “carta” (card game) club championship that she has scheduled on the last day of her internship. Haruka needs to get the club into competitive shape by then. Makino nevertheless continues to provide Haruka with advice despite the fact that she is just not cutting it as an intern.
Will Haruka be hired by the company at the end of her internship? All hinges on whether or not Makino in the form of Maki can get the carta club strong enough for the tournament.

Mobile Detective - THE MOVIE 3 -

ケータイ刑事THE MOVIE 3 モーニング娘。救出大作戦!?パンドラの箱の秘密   핸드폰 형사 THE MOVIE 3   手機刑警 THE MOVIE 3

89 min.

The Zenigata Sisters are detectives still in High School. Kai is 18, Mei is 17 and Yui is 16.
Their grandfather is the Police Commissioner and where there is a crime, the Zenigata Sisters are there to solve the mystery in a flash but no one knows they are investigators. One day, a national idol disappears when traveling by bus. The Zenigata Sisters assemble to solve the mystery behind closed doors. What is the hidden conspiracy of the mysterious disappearance?

Love, Men and Fashion

恋とオシャレと男のコ   사랑과 멋과 남자   青春女模好煩惱

30 min. x 13 eps.|13 episodes

In a reception room at a talent agency in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district, three struggling fashion models impatiently wait for the phone call they’re sure is coming; the one from their manager giving them work. This is an uproarious, romantic and inspiring record of that long wait. Azusa Okamoto one day receives a call from her manager, Koshizaki, requesting her to audition for a popular television commercial. Unable to contain her excitement upon hearing that a producer is coming to the audition, But her junior colleague, Anri Okamoto, overhears all of the details. Azusa urriedly devises plans of her own. A high fashion, comical drama you won’t want to miss!

A Little Princess

小公女セイラ   소공녀 세라   小公主莎拉

120 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

A modern retelling of the classic 1887 Francis Burnett story, The Little Princess, about a precocious young girl of wealthy upbringing who one day finds her life turned upside down and all her privileges taken away when the family goes bankrupt. Cast into the role of a penniless servant, Seira fights on, never losing her pride, cheer nor compassion come whatever adverse circumstances. An inspirational and timeless story sure to be the purest and most heroic told this year.

tokyo girl

東京少女   도쿄 소녀   東京少女 系列

30 min. x 52 eps.|52 episodes

A TV drama series in an omnibus format. Bittersweet girlhood memories are introduced in various episodes.