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Mizuho Takasugi (高杉瑞穂)

Undercover Boss Ga-me

特命!刑事どん亀   특명 ! 형사 돈카메   任命!刑事亀男

120 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 14 eps|15 episodes

Toshiyuki Nishida plays the role of Don Kameda, A.K.A “Don-Game”. Don-Game is a café owner who loves jazz and long epic songs. But that’s actually him in disguise. He’s in fact the chief of a secret organization called The Tokyo Police Confidential Investigation Division and works directly under the Tokyo Police Commissioner. With their unique members and exceptional teamwork, TPCID solves mysteries that the police can’t even untangle. This drama is a modern Mito Komon filled with laughter, tears, and heart pumping action! It’s a new type of detective drama with an array of secret detective tools. The series runs for 15 episodes. Don’t miss Don-Game’s Operation Deep 15 transformations!

A Fresh Breeze

新しい風   새로운 바람   新政風

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 10 eps.|11 episodes

Until now, Mako thought that politics had absolutely nothing to do with her. That is until her fiance, Takashi, suddenly became a candidate for lower house elections of the Diet. In support of Takashi’s aim to “bring a fresh breeze to politics,” she enters an unfamiliar world. There she meets the holders of the real power in politics, the adept private secretaries and the power behind the throne - the wives of the parliamentarians. Giddy from the eccentric and driven personalities she meets, the likes of which she has never before encountered, Mako stands with Takashi as they are buffeted by the waves of politics.

Make-up Magic 1,2

コスメの魔法 1、2   화장의 마법   魔幻化妝品

Part.1: 30 min. x 40 eps. Part.2: 30 min. x 35 eps.|75 episodes

Reiko Takagi is the manager at Ma Belle, a cosmetics line that is sold in a department store in the Tokyo suburbs. She finds great joy making her customers more beautiful and giving them make-up tips. Her assistant, Mayumi Mizuno, greatly respects Reiko whose motto is, “One must never neglect oneself,” and who always finds ways to solve the problems women have.
Right next to them is their rival, the cosmetics brand known as Julia Beauty Comme. The charismatic manager is Kenjiro Okuda a.k.a. Julian Okuda, and his assistant is Ranmaru a.k.a. Takashi Suzuki. Kenjiro is madly in love with Reiko. The comical interaction between the two rival shops and the many beauty tips offered along the way make for great entertainment.