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Director Name: Akio Yoshida (吉田秋生)


インターン!   인턴!   青春實習生

103 min.

College junior, Haruka, is invited by her best friend, Maki, to attend Works Applications (WAP) internship orientation. On her way home, Haruka is nearly hit by a car only to be saved at the last moment by WAP’s CEO Makino, who sacrifices his own life. Makino wakes up in a hospital emergency room to be greeted by a man who introduces himself as “Death”. He shows Makino’s lifeless body on the bed below and explains that Haruka was supposed to have died in the accident, but Makino has traded destinies with her. The only way that both can be saved is if Haruka can change her future. Makino believes that if Haruka can become a star intern and be hired by his company, he will return to life. So he possesses Maki’s mind in order to convince her to support Haruka as an intern.
Haruka, however, lacks confidence and is more concerned with a different passion: a “carta” (card game) club championship that she has scheduled on the last day of her internship. Haruka needs to get the club into competitive shape by then. Makino nevertheless continues to provide Haruka with advice despite the fact that she is just not cutting it as an intern.
Will Haruka be hired by the company at the end of her internship? All hinges on whether or not Makino in the form of Maki can get the carta club strong enough for the tournament.

Tales of Terror - The Haunted Apartments -

怪談新耳袋 劇場版 幽霊マンション   괴담신이대 극장판 유령맨션   怪談新耳袋 幽霊公寓

93 min.

Be sure to obey the midnight curfew…!
After the death of her mother in a traffic accident two years ago, a seventeen-year-old girl, Manami, and her father decide to move out to get away from the memories of her death. The move was supposed to be the beginning of a new life for Manami, but she is troubled by her father’s drinking, and mysterious deaths begin happening in the neighborhood. One day, Minami decides to try to solve the mystery of a mysterious girl in a school uniform she has seen in the building…