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Scenario Writer Name: Eriko Shinozaki (篠﨑絵里子)


だいすき!!   너무 좋아 !!   最喜歡你!!

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Yuzu Fukuhara is a 23-year old with a slight mental disability. With childlike innocence, Yuzu falls in love and becomes pregnant. The sudden death of her child’s father throws Yuzu into confusion even as she becomes a mother. Yuzu’s dogged efforts win the unflagging support of those around her, but a far more difficult path lies ahead than anyone can imagine.

Stepfather Step

ステップファザー・ステップ   스텝 파더 스텝   怪盜繼父

120 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

"I" Takaya Kamikawa is a self-avowed thief who earned the moniker "King of Thieves". Receiving some information from his lawyer boss, Yanase, "I" is lining his pockets with ill-gotten wealth that he exacted from local gangsters. Suddenly, the go-it-alone thief finds himself in a crazy situation where he must play the role of father to a set of twins, and is forced to sign a contract with them that he will stop being a thief. Whenever the precociously meddlesome twins cause or get involved in any trouble at school or in the community, it is "I" who is invariably suspected. Can genuine family bonds actually grow out of such fabricated circumstances in this delicious combination mystery and drama for the whole family.

The Black Swindler (2022)

クロサギ   검은 사기 (2022)   詐欺獵人 (2022)

80min × 1ep / 60min × 9eps

The stage is set in Japan in the year 2022.
In a time where fraud is an imminent threat, societal issues give rise to a slew of elaborate scams. Kurosaki is a man who lost his family to a “white swindler,” which is a professional swindler who scams people out of their money. In order to exact revenge, Kurosaki becomes a “black swindler,” a swindler who tricks other swindlers. He swears to scam every white swindler in the world and takes on foe after foe, but can he find his ultimate enemy who robbed him of his family? This riveting revenge drama exposes the very emotions that scams exploit.



75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Since he quit his job as a surgeon 8 years ago, Kohei Moriyama has been working at an eventless town office. The local municipal hospital in this town is suffering from a lack of doctors, burdened with huge debt, and is about to go bankrupt. As a means of restructuring the hospital, they are trying to shift the target customers for the hospital operations to the wealthy. Upon meeting Aiko Tanaka, who devotes herself single-mindedly to patients in contrast to the attitude of the hospital management, Kohei begins to regain the medical career he once lost.