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Scenario Writer Name: Junya Kato (加藤淳也)


ニュータイプ 〜ただ愛のために〜   New Type ~사랑을 위해   新典型~ 只為愛情

92 min.

Yuri, who works at the ticket window at a ferry terminal, is one-eyed.
One day, she is held at knifepoint and locked away in captivity by an enigmatic man named Kwon, who has missed a ferry.
At the very moment Yuri secretly tries to place a phone call, the telephone catches fire and explodes. Yuri wonders what is happening but immediately leans that Kwon has supernatural powers.
As Kwon and Yuri become closer to each other, Yuri’s friend, Akiyama, accidentally finds the secret of Yuri’s supernatural power. Yuri has the ability to go back in time. As the price for her supernatural ability, Yuri becomes blind in one eye. In the meantime, Kwon gets shot by mysterious men. Yuri, who has started feeling affection for Kwon, tries to save him using her special power again, but…..

Tales of Terror - The Curse of Nobuhiro-san -

怪談新耳袋 劇場版 ノブヒロさん   괴담신이대 극장판 노브히로씨   怪談新耳袋 謎之畫家

89 min.

A single mother, Etsuko works at a design firm and has to visit artist Nobuhiro Shimazaki at his studio. Nobuhiro addresses Etsuko as “Etchan,” a form of endearment, as if he’d known her for a long time. Nobuhiro tells her that he wants to do a painting of her. Etsuko obliges reluctantly, and thus begins her daily visits to the artist’s studio. One day, she learns from the police that Nobuhiro has died a mysterious death. Nobuhiro’s time of death is a matter of consternation for Etsuko because she had been with him at that time. In order to solve the mystery, Etsuko sneaks into Nobuhiro’s locked studio. She is shocked to find the chilling truth linking her to Nobuhiro.


東京PRウーマン   도쿄PR우먼   東京PR女人

83 min.

Reina Misaki is bank worker plagued by self-doubt for constantly bumbling her job. And then one night she attends a social mixer that leads to an interview with a public relations firm and a new job thanks to a whimsical president, despite her having given a very lackluster interview. On her first day at the new job, she is shocked to learn that her direct superior is Kusakabe, the very man who was so exasperated by her at the interview. Still, Reina also immediately earns the jealousy and enmity of fellow female workers who all pine after Kusakabe. But Kusakabe makes life a living hell for Reina, subjecting her to a daily barrage of work place abuse and criticism… until one day at a product meeting where she casually expresses an idea that much to her surprise gets adopted and becomes a major PR coup, drawing enormous media attention. Having transformed into the hottest person in the business, Reina is ecstatic when the company president names her to head up the next big account. It’s all smooth sailing until the day of the big campaign announcement when a host of trouble suddenly threaten to bring the world crashing down upon her. But someone steps in at the last minute with a helping hand: Kusakabe.