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Scenario Writer Name: Junya Yamazaki (山崎淳也)

H2: The Days with You

H2 ~君といた日々~   H2 ~너와 있던 날들   H2 ~有你的日子

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Hiro was an ace pitcher in junior high school, until he was diagnosed with a “glass elbow.” After giving up on the sport for a time, his passion for the game draws him back to it in high school and he joins a baseball team only to find himself in a match against his old rival Hideo who plays for the highest ranked high school. The meeting of the two is observed by Hideo’s girlfriend, Hikari, and she finds herself increasingly drawn towards Hiro, despite his only being interested in baseball. These two young men battle for the dream of winning the famous Koushien Baseball Tournament and for the heart of the young woman who doesn’t know for whom she should cheer.

Perfect Blue

パーフェクト・ブルー   퍼펙트 블루   藍色恐懼

60 min x 11 eps|11 episodes

A bloodcurdling scream rings out from a warehouse in a bayside district. Flames flicker, reflected in a pair of eyes. A shoe clatters across the ground. The whoosh of fire mixes with the wind. Gazing into the fire is Kayoko Hasumi, an investigator from the all-female Hasumi Detective Agency, and her German Shepherd ex-police dog, Masa, who can understand human speech. The heart-wrenching event that befalls them next serves as the drama’s prologue. 7 years ago, Kayoko’s father, a career newspaperman in the society section committed suicide. But the facts of the suicide remain shrouded in mystery. Kayoko’s mother, Kyoko, has been secretly and singlehandedly investigating her husband’s death ever since… until a certain incident threatens to bring Kayoko and others into the mix, and closer to the truth.