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Scenario Writer Name: Mitsuo Kurotsuchi (黒土三男)

Autumn Bride

花嫁   신부   新娘

126 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

The condemned Katakura house is so old it is a wonder it hasn't yet been torn down. Its tenant, a widow named Chiyo, has just completed a Buddhist service memorializing the 7th year of her husband's passing and is preparing to move out to make way for the home's destruction amid urban development. Meanwhile, her grown eldest son shows up suggesting they live together while her eldest daughter, Setsuko, brings talk of a suitor for her mother - now pushing 60 - to remarry. The suitor, Uichi Kurosaki, strikes Setsuko as an ideal companion for her mother as he is a friend of Chiyo's late husband, has no children and plenty in retirement savings. But the other daughter is adamantly against the proposition, sparking a fight among siblings whose varying interests clash in this revealing depiction of family, compassion, empathy, hard reality and richness of spirit.


とんぼ   잠자리   蜻蜓

90 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 7 eps.|8 episodes

This is the story of a rebellious young man who is trapped in a violent existence and nevertheless tries to do what he feels is right. The main character is a member of a yakuza gang who is quick to strike back at things he dislikes and just as quick to correct what he sees to be wrong. His struggle to define and uphold his own code of ethics makes for a deeply searching drama that is far removed from “feel-good” stories about family and parent-child relationships.


居酒屋もへじ   이자카야 모헤지   居酒屋Moheji

120 min x 5 eps|5 episodes

A human relations drama with a comedic touch set in a small “izakaya” tavern that caters only to regular patrons, The Tavern centers on the daily life of its chef owner, his family, the clientele and a new female customer.

Simple is Best

ふつうが一番   보통이 제일   平凡最好

120 min × 1 ep|1 episode

With dreams of becoming a Naoki Prize-winning author, Tomeji Kosuge is a widower who ekes out a living as a reporter for a trade newspaper while caring for his young daughter, Noriko, and living with his mother, Takie around 1963. Based on the true story of writer, Shuhei Fujisawa, Simple is Best traces the half life of protagonist, Fujisawa, up until his winning of the Naoki Prize in 1973 as seen through the eyes of his beloved daughter, Noriko.
A moving and poignant depiction about a man’s abiding love for family and passionate pursuit of a dream.