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Scenario Writer Name: Mitsuru Tanabe (田辺満)


アカギ   아카기   赤木

60 min × 10 eps|10 episodes

A sweltering summer evening in 1965, legendary mahjong master (or “janshi”), Shigeru Akagi, challenges Japan’s richest and most powerful underworld kingpin, Iwao Washizu, to a special game of “Washizu rules mahjong” in which Akagi must stake his own blood against the assets of his opponent. A cop dedicated to taking Washizu down and an up-and-coming crime syndicate leader named Ohgi, are hoping Akagi is talented and crazy enough to win. On this night, mahjong history will be made.


マイフェアボーイ   My Fair Boy   因為遇見你

30 min. x 30 eps.|30 episodes

The story begins when a housewife named Aoi meets a boy named Yuichi, who is the orphaned son of her close friend. It is a heartwarming comedy about Aoi, the constantly positive, cheerful and accommodating housewife, transforming Yuichi, a sissy and sensitive crybaby, into a mature and independent man.