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Scenario Writer Name: Satomi Ohshima (大島里美)

My Darling is a Foreigner

ダーリンは外国人   달링은 외국인   達令是外國人

100 min.

Saori, a would-be manga artist supporting herself as an illustrator, is in love with Tony Laszlo, who came to Japan after he fell in love at first sight with its ‘kanji’ written characters. He is an American. Unable to speak a word of English, Saori is nonetheless taken with Tony, and they begin to go out. They start to sense ‘marriage’ and move in together. They arrange to rent her sister’s wedding hall, and invite her parents. Saori’s mother was expected to present an obstacle, but Tony wins her over completely. Her father, however, pointing to Saori’s easy-come easy-go attitude to life, quietly announces his opposition to the marriage. Because he is a foreigner, the two of them must try harder to come together than they would if both were an ordinary Japanese couple. But as the desire weakens, he announces he is going back to America.