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Scenario Writer Name: Sugako Hashida (橋田壽賀子)



150 min x 2 eps / 139 min x 2 eps / 125 min x 1 ep|5 episodes

99 years ago, a Japanese man emigrated to the vast expanse of America with hopes of survival and dreams of a brighter future. He and those like him were settlers, 1st generation Japanese-Americans. From them were issued a second generation which grew up bearing little knowledge of, nor devotion to, their parents’ homeland. And yet fate was to deliver them all a cruel blow... as war proceeded to tear them apart along national and generational lines. This is a story about Japanese immigrants who endured the horrors and tragedy of war, overcame deep prejudice and attained their dreams in a new land through love and courage.

Preparing for Goodbye

妻が夫をおくるとき   아내가 남편을 보낼때   與夫離別

135 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

It happened all so suddenly. Sugako Hashida had urged her husband to be examined after he complained of chest pains. She had never given any thought to a major illness from the way her husband deftly went about fulfilling his long-cherished dream of becoming a farmer. But the verdict from the doctor, given first to Hashida before the patient Iwasaki himself, was cruelly unexpected. He has terminal cancer that cannot be operated on, and only six months to live. Knowing that her husband cannot fight the disease and that the time remaining is all they've got, Hashida elects not to tell Iwasaki. How to prepare for that inevitable "day of parting" becomes the central theme of this autobiographical drama written in the first person by screenwriter Sugaoko Hashida the author of numerous masterpiece dramas who confessed, "Of all the things I've experienced in my life, nothing could compare with the pain of this."

Relentlessness is Found Everywhere (S1-10)

渡る世間は鬼ばかり 1-10   세상살이 원수천지   人間溫暖

① 120 min x 1 ep , 60 min x 47 eps ② 120 min x 2 eps , 60 min x 47 eps ③ 120 min x 4 eps , 60 min x 46 eps ④ 120 min x 6 eps , 60 min x 45 eps ⑤ 150 min x 1 ep , 135 min x 2 eps , 120 min x 1 ep , 60 min x 46 eps ⑥ 150 min x 1 ep , 135 min x 1 ep , 120 min x 2 eps , 60 min x 47 eps ⑦ 30 min x 2 eps , 150 min x 1 ep ,130 min x 1 ep , 120 min x 2 eps , 60 min x 45 eps ⑧ 125 min x 1 ep , 120 min x 2 eps , 65 min x 1 ep , 60 min x 46 eps ⑨ 120 min x 4 eps , 60 min x 45 eps ⑩ 120 min x 5 eps , 60 min x 42 eps|Eps 542

This classic is one of Japan’s all-time favorite family series. Known for its overarching theme of family, this iconic drama never fails to move audiences , conveying in identifiable terms the warm bonds of family and the mysteries of the relationships between people through the
daily life of Daikichi Okakura and his five daughters. Depicting everything from troubles inside the home to social issues and romantic escapades, viewers get a glimpse of the disparate world views of parents, children and grandchildren; fears of parents verses their children’s wishes; and the everyday run-ins between husbands, wives and mothers-in-law―as well as the happiness they have together. Japan’s favorite family is at it again!

The Grass is Always Greener

となりの芝生   옆집 잔디   家家有本難念經

114 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 11 eps|12 episodes

The Takahiras have just purchased their dream home. As Kaname Takahira and wife, Tomoko, finish moving in, they are joined by Kaname’s mother, Shino, who lives with her eldest son for an overnight housewarming visit. Tomoko is told that Shino only plans to stay for a week at the longest, so imagine her surprise when a few days later, a truck full of possessions belonging to Shino arrives at the Takahiras front door. “The Grass is Always Greener” hits the airwaves as an entertaining contemporary remake of a hugely popular 1976 drama, “Problems between daughters and mothers-in-law.”