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SASUKE is back! New legends unfold!


SASUKE returns to TBS on Thursday December 27 at 18:30, the first broadcast of the long-running sports entertainment program since October 2011. In the 27 shows aired in Japan in the last 15 years, just three athletes have achieved Total Victory. This time, auditions were held in Tokyo and Osaka to select a field of 100 contestants, including battle-hardened warriors and first-time challengers.

As they take on the famous Iron Castle in Midoriyama, contestants will face a number of new and redesigned obstacles, including the first-ever swimming challenge. Until now, getting wet meant instant disqualification, but this time the athletes are expected to demonstrate their skill in the water as well as their strength and balance on land. Will any brave warrior have the power and the courage to ascend all the way to the top of the Final Stage?

SASUKE has won passionate fans throughout Japan and all over the world. Since 2006, the US version Ninja Warrior and the spin-off American Ninja Warrior have achieved nationwide acclaim, and DC Comics released an American Ninja Warrior comic strip this year. SASUKE has taken off worldwide, with hit versions in Malaysia and Singapore created with local athletes, and popular localized versions aired in South Africa, Turkey, and throughout Europe. SASUKE content is now broadcast in 157 countries and territories. Following the announcement of plans for a new European competition, European producer Gert Van Kerckhove visited Japan to observe the filming of SASUKE.

As the world of SASUKE continues to expand, new legends are about to unfold!

Gert Van Kerckove, Producer, Eccholine

"SASUKE has great potential to appeal to a broad audience in Europe. Next year we intend to launch SASUKE as a roadshow competition that will travel through Scandinavia, Germany, Central Europe, Italy, Spain and France. I believe that SASUKE can continue growing and be a great success in Europe."

Ibrahim Mohd Yusof, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia

"Obesity has become a major problem among young people in Malaysia. SASUKE has been recognized as a very important sporting event that goes beyond entertainment, a model for healthier lifestyles for young people in Malaysia. For this reason, Prime Minister Najib Razak is very interested in SASUKE too. We believe SASUKE will create a platform for other Asian countries to get involved, and we intend to make Malaysia a location hub for tournaments involving neighboring countries. We also plan to work on applying to the IOC to have SASUKE made into an Olympic event in the future."

Tan Ing How, Producer, MediaCorp TV Singapore

"We started SASUKE Singapore this year and now it has tremendous popularity among people in Singapore. We have some contestants who come over to challenge SASUKE in Japan.

SASUKE is back! New legends unfold!

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