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螻蛄 疫病神シリーズ   파문 2 역병신 시리즈   破門2 瘟神系列

60 min × 5 eps|5 episodes

The critical success of its predecessor has therefore led to a second season based on the 4th book from Hiroyuki Kurokawa’s Naoki Prize-winning “Yakubyogami” (The Pest) series: “Kera" (Mole Cricket).
The world’s worst “Deity of Disease Duo” returns! Picking up from the previous season, Kazuki Kitamura resumes his role as womanizing yakuza, Kuwabara, with Gaku Hamada as construction firm consultant, Ninomiya. This time, they’re targeting a treasure held by a powerful religious organization: an ancient illustrated handscroll, which they hope to turn into cash. But this is a religious organization to which baddies swarm like bees to honey. Corrupt cops, Tokyo yakuza, a beautiful and mysterious art gallery owner, and wealthy priests. Amid this circus of avarice and greed, who will emerge victorious? What is in store for the “Deity of Disease Duo” as they make their way between Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo.

The World Heritage 4K Premium Edition

THE 世界遺産 4K Premium Edition   THE 세계유산 4K Premium Edition   世界遺產 4K 白金版

30 min. × 12 eps.|30 min. Series

Recorded with the most advanced visual image technology, TBS “World Heritage” has since its inception in 1996 has bemuse itself a valuable cultural property with its high-quality footage and visual documentation of mankind’s greatest treasures: UNESCO World Heritage sites. The program relaunched in June 2013 as the “The World Heritage 4K Premium Edition” focusing on expressing the sheer beauty of the world’s greatest marvels, and is Japan’s first program to be fully shot in 4K as the next generation in video technology, from photography to editing and post-production.


FURUSATO   FURUSATO~從宇宙看到的地球   후루사토

38 min × 1ep|1 ep

Since 2006, the Japanese Advanced Land Observation Satellite, DAICHI, has been observing World Heritage sites from space with three high-tech sensors. It has inspired this film, which uses images of World Heritage sites taken from space and here on Earth with a 4K digital camera. The original script is written by Kundo Koyama , winner of an 81st Academy Award for Okuribito (The Departures).

Giant Bugs: An Ant's Eye View of the World

アリの目で見た昆虫王国   개미의 눈으로 본 곤충왕국   螞蟻眼裏的昆蟲王國

2 eps 30 min series|2 eps

This documentary features stunning 4K close-up footage of insects. It was filmed with a microscope camera specially designed by Satoshi Kuribayashi, that we call the Ant’s Eye View Camera - the first and only one in the world. The director of photography is Satoshi Kuribayashi, a Japanese nature photographer who was awarded the Lennart Nilsson Award for his outstanding photography in 2006.

Japan Heritage

日本遺産   일본유산   日本遺產

30 & 60 min series Season1: 11eps Season2: 6eps Season3: 7eps Season4: 1eps|30 & 60 min series

Japan has a rich cultural heritage , both tangible and intangible, some of which are designated National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. They are a legacy of the history that makes Japan what it is today. This series is the first to capture those nationally designated as Japan Heritage in 4K. Each 30-minute episode includes two Japan Heritage sites, giving viewers an unfiltered look at Japan’s exotic traditions and enthralling ancient festivals little-known outside of Japan.


PRIME JAPAN 日本のこころに出会う   PRIME JAPAN 일본의 정신을 만나다   PRIME JAPAN 日本心相會

12 eps 60 min series|12 eps

A series of in-depth reporting in pursuit of "Japan's Heart" by taking up themes ranging from sushi, sake, Japanese sword and other traditional cultural elements, to design, products and other items that add color to Japan of today, in 4K UHD.

RAKUEN The Secret of Paradise

RAKUEN 三好和義と巡る楽園の旅   RAKUEN 미요시 카즈요시와 함께 하는 낙원 여행   RAKUEN 與三好和義巡游的樂園旅行紀

12 eps 40 min series|12 eps

Kazuyoshi Miyoshi has published photo collections on Tahiti, Maldives, Seychelles, Hawaii and other paradises. In this
series, accompanied by beautiful models, Miyoshi revisits those paradise beaches, forest s and World Heritages, discovering the Secrets of Paradise as he roams about freely.
Captured in 4K UHD.

Short Filler Series

短編フィラーシリーズ   단편 필러시리즈   短編特集

3 min series|4 eps

4K footage edited using high - spec post - production equipment , such as drone shot s of beautiful natural landscapes, and glimpses into a summer garden in Kyoto.
Can be used for TV broadcast and for various other media.


タビフク。   타비후쿠   本節目全程由4K 技術拍攝。

50 episodes

Top female celebrities, models, singers and actresses - popular among women in their 20s - travel the country accompanied by true life friends in this candid travel program with a fashionable twist. The travelers venture to destinations that are currently soaring in popularity among young women, including the Okinawa mainland, outlying islands, Kyoto, Izumo and Karuizawa, and so on. What kind of travel do fashionable women do? What do they wear? From conversations about style to private lives, get a glimpse into the roots of their beauty. A must-see show for the fashion-conscious!
All episodes are shot in 4K.