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Kiichi Nakai (中井貴一)

"Door to Dreams" Drama: "For You in 20 Years"

夢の扉特別編『20年後の君へ』   꿈의 문 특별편「20 년후의 너에게」   夢之門 特別篇 給二十年後的你

134 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

Yuichiro Sawada is an elite company man with a blue chip trading company, in charge of a major overseas infrastructure building project. Supported by his beautiful wife and talented cook, Yoshino, his son, Daichi, a graduate of Tokyo University now employed at the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, and daughter, Mariko, a student at the University of Washington, Sawada's life seems the picture of success with talk of a major promotion to executive status close at hand. But then Yuichiro is diagnosed with cancer, and before he has a chance to tell his family, they have become estranged from him. Forlorn, Yuichiro resolves to use his remaining time on Earth helping his family fulfill their dreams, and it becomes his driving passion and wish as a father and husband. Yuichiro's passionate pursuit soon begins to transform his family, too, realizing how the ability to dream can create new and lasting bonds between people, and in their relationship to society.

The Wings of the Kirin

麒麟の翼   기린의 날개   麒麟之翼

129 min.

The book author Keigo Higashino describes as the masterpiece of his best-selling ‘Detective Kyoichiro Kaga’ series now comes to the screen! His novel “SHINZANMONO”, a brilliant achievement that in 2009 placed number 1 in the ‘This is a Great Mystery!’ and the Shukan Bunshun Mystery Awards, in 2010 became a wildly popular TV drama starring Hiroshi Abe. Its sequel, “The Wings of the Kirin” published in 2011, is a jewel of a mystery Higashino describes as the masterpiece of the Kaga series. “The Wings of the Kirin”, a ‘moving human drama’ starring Hiroshi Abe, Yui Aragaki, Kiichi Nakai, Junpei Mizobata, Tori Matsuzaka, Meisa Kuroki, Rena Tanaka, Tsutomu Yamazaki, and other great names in Japanese film.



150 min x 2 eps / 139 min x 2 eps / 125 min x 1 ep|5 episodes

99 years ago, a Japanese man emigrated to the vast expanse of America with hopes of survival and dreams of a brighter future. He and those like him were settlers, 1st generation Japanese-Americans. From them were issued a second generation which grew up bearing little knowledge of, nor devotion to, their parents’ homeland. And yet fate was to deliver them all a cruel blow... as war proceeded to tear them apart along national and generational lines. This is a story about Japanese immigrants who endured the horrors and tragedy of war, overcame deep prejudice and attained their dreams in a new land through love and courage.


スマイル   스마일   微笑

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Bito may hide a complex about his mixed blood heritage (Filipino father, Japanese mother), but he can light up a room with his infectious grin. Hana may have lost the ability to speak, but she possesses a smile as radiant as the Sun. Kazuma longs to be the center of attention, but when he flashes his teeth, the effect is like a fresh spring breeze. Fate has brought these three together to prove how the power of a smile… can slay dragons.


どろろ   도로로   多羅羅 DORORO

138 min.

Japanese manga master, TEZUKA Osamu.
Somewhere in the world, a child without eyes, ears, mouth, arms or legs was born. His father, the warlord Daigo Kagemitsu, had concluded compacts with 48 demons in order to obtain tremendous power, and offered each of the demons a part of his unborn child’s body. The child, who had been abandoned, was saved by Doctor Jukai, who used medical technology to create artificial body parts for the boy and called him Hyakkimaru. Eventually, Hyakkimaru learns that, if he kills the demons, he will be able to regain his body parts. He sets out on a journey for just that purpose, and meets up with a thief named Dororo, who lusts after the enchanted sword that had been contrived into Hyakkimaru’s left hand, and they continue on together to conquer the demons.

Apples and Oranges 1,2,3,4

ふぞろいの林檎たち1,2,3,4   고르지 않은 사과들 1, 2, 3, 4   不安分的蘋果們

1: 60 min. x 10 eps. 2: 60 min. x 13 eps. 3: 60 min. x 11 eps. 4: 120 min. x 1 ep., 60 min. x 12 eps.|47 episodes

This drama focuses on the lives of those struggling against elitism in a society that puts considerable emphasis on status. The fourth series reintroduces a cast of characters in their thirties and well along their individual chosen paths. The stories center on the lives of the characters as they find self respect and help others who are starting out with little or no standing in society. This poignant drama artfully illustrates the dignity of people transcending titles and status.