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Reika Kirishima (霧島れいか)


青夏 きみに恋した30日   푸른 여름   青夏 愛上你的30天

113 min.

Rio, a modern city schoolgirl dreams of making a fateful encounter and falling in love. She goes to a rural town to spend the summer and meets Ginzo, a local schoolboy. He is aloof and slightly surly but actually has a kind heart, and Rio immediately falls for him. Rio wonders if Ginzo is “the one” but he rejects her without hesitation, saying “We're from two different worlds.” The summer is coming to an end. Their feelings intensify. What will become of their “summer only” romance?



30 min × 10 eps|10 episodes

Who can resist a good crisis or the scent of a woman?
The panic-thriller/comedy series “Panic In” celebrates all of the classical panic and disaster movie themes and tropes with a high-octane television drama full of suspense, laughter, tears, joy and soul-satisfying human emotion! Computer graphics add a level of scale and impact never before seen in made-for-television entertainment.
Torao Kurumada (43) is a hapless, middle-aged bachelor who is always changing jobs, but every time he starts at new place of employment, he is interrupted by some major incident or disaster such as a runaway bus, an unidentified mysterious animal, or terrorists. Each challenge is accompanied by a fateful encounter with a woman whether a college student, an office lady or a widow with whom he falls helplessly in love and for whom he is willing to sacrifice life and limb to save. It is the classic tale of a guy trying to win the girl amid extreme circumstances. But will it ever work for Torao?

Each episode is filmed by a guest director; Taichi Suzuki, the first ever 4-award winner at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival (“The Brat” ’12), action specialist, Yoshikatsu Kimura (“Karate Girl”, ’11), globally-acclaimed director SABU ( “Bunny Drop”, ’11 & “Kanikosen”, ’09), Munenori Nagano, who while active also as an actor in the popular theatrical troupe “European Project” is an award-winning independent filmmaker, for a total of 4 directors all bringing their own flair and taste to this all new “panic” action-comedy genre.

A Stranger of Mine

運命じゃない人   운명이 아닌 사람   意外的陌生人

98 min.

The story takes place in the time span from early evening on Friday to Saturday morning, centering around Miyata, the protagonist who is in the midst of misery, and how he comes close to grasping happiness. Three episodes as seen through the viewpoints of five people- 'a man who is devastated because he has lost the love of his life,' 'a man who is tired of being a detective,' 'a yakuza who is having trouble running his organization,' 'a woman who is thrown into despair because her fiancee was two-timing her,' and 'a con woman who twists men around her finger'- are sandwiched between a short prologue and epilogue. The cause and effect behind these apparently simple episodes surface one after another, and the unexpected relation between them bring friendship and the complicated nature of humans to light.