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Gin Maeda (前田吟)

The Floating Castle

のぼうの城   노보우의 성   傀儡之城

145 min.

Nearing the end of Japan’s long years of civil war, with Toyotomi Hideyoshi one short step away from finally uniting the land under his rule, he sends a massive army north against the Hojo clan, his last enemy. The one stronghold he cannot take is Oshi Castle, a Hojo outpost in the land of Bushu. Called ‘the floating castle’ because of the lake that surrounded it, it is under the command of one Narita Nagachika, an extremely popular ruler known to the people of his domain as ‘Nobou-sama’, from deku no bou, or ‘blockhead’.


スマイル   스마일   微笑

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Bito may hide a complex about his mixed blood heritage (Filipino father, Japanese mother), but he can light up a room with his infectious grin. Hana may have lost the ability to speak, but she possesses a smile as radiant as the Sun. Kazuma longs to be the center of attention, but when he flashes his teeth, the effect is like a fresh spring breeze. Fate has brought these three together to prove how the power of a smile… can slay dragons.

¥5 Million For 5 Daughters

家に五女あり!   우리집 다섯자매!   家有五女!

30 min. x 40 eps.|40 episodes

Heitaro, a father, has just retired from the company for which he has worked for 38 years. He proposes that the combined total amount of 30 million yen, made up of his retirement money and the savings his wife had left, should be divided equally by the 6 members of the family — That is, 5 million yen each. Will Heitaro’s sincere gift of 5 million yen be able to make each of his daughters happy?